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Inspiring change through CSR

‘Change for good’ sums up much of what you need to know about Ecosurety. The fact is, we are acutely aware that there is so much more we could, and should, be doing beyond our day to day work. This is especially true when we inherently care so much about the wider issues that affect our world and environment.

It's only natural that we encourage our team to go the extra mile to make a difference. Why? Simply because it’s the right thing to do. 'Change for good' started with a number of good causes that we continue to support, including a micro-loans charity in Africa and a food waste initiative that provides sustainable food for our events.

It has since developed into our CSR initiative that empowers our team to create and deliver some truly awesome, award winning projects that don’t necessarily link directly to our day-to-day work. From running fun-packed educational workshops with primary school children to helping thousands of commuters reduce their impact on the environment, discover why it is time to make a change for good - you may even be able to get involved too!

Our Change for good projects


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The joy of giving - celebrating our 2017 change for good project

Those of you who have been following our 2017 change for good project will know that our month working with Avon Wildlife Trust at their Feed Bristol site has just come to an end.


Avon Wildlife Trust

Our Change for good project for 2017 is led by Abigail Warren, one of our Key Account Managers. It is a partnership with a fantastic local charity, Avon Wildlife Trust, at their Feed Bristol site. Located only a few miles from our office it was a natural choice for us to help support local wildlife, and also to get the team outside for some hard toil in the sun and rain! 


2017 Change for good project gets under way as diggers start work

Earth moving equipment has moved into an area of Stapleton in Bristol this week to start work on a new educational wildlife pond for residents and children.