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Creating sustainable livelihoods

Set up in 2008, Deki is a local Bristol based charity that empowers people living in poverty to create sustainable livelihoods by providing access to ethical microloans and training to entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Deki was the first charity in the UK to raise loan capital through lenders and donors and provides microloans and training for people in developing countries who don't want to rely on handouts. 

100% of the money loaned goes directly to the person in need and as their business activity grows and they pay back the money, it is reinvested in someone else. A truly sustainable investment that keeps on giving.

Record breaking fundraising

ecosurety continues to support Deki, reinvesting money to many worthy projects in Africa. It all began with a challenge to our team in the Tenner Tournament - split into six teams, how much money could they raise from an initial investment of £10, with the resulting cash to be invested through Deki?

After running a number of innovative money raising initiatives for a month including a staff tuck shop, selling old IT equipment, organising a sell-out pub quiz and even an auction of the executive board(!), our team raised a grand total of £3,783.57. We were even more excited about our efforts when Deki informed us that we had broken the record for the Tenner Challenge - we're a competitive lot!


A continuing legacy

Loaning the money raised to a wide range of projects and being able to follow them to fruition before lending the money again, and again, has been a very rewarding experience for our team. It has certainly made a difference to those less well off than ourselves too. The money continues to be reinvested today and 18 months later has helped 75 projects. Here are just a few of them:


A recycling success story in Soweto

Eleanor a DEKI success story

Eleanor, a 57 year old mother of eight, was seeking a loan of £410 to increase the scale of her recycling business.

She buys, sorts and sells recycled items and wanted to find a way to increase her flow of recyclables without having to go through a middle man.

When asked what impact receiving a microloan would have on her family’s wellbeing she replied, “Our son is doing grade 12, this money will enable him to go to university next year and live a better life”.

Eleanor’s loan has ultimately given her the ability to send her children to school and provide them with improved opportunities. Read more >


Setting up shop in Johannesburg

Ecosurety - Change for good - Deki

Vuyelwa Modisane has a business designing and making clothes for customers in Soweto, a township of Johannesburg, South Africa. A single mother of two she works about 40 hours a week designing and sewing garments for customers.  

Vuyelwa wanted to invest in a new industrial sewing machine to help her meet demand and ensure the highest quality. The loan through Deki is enabling her to achieve this and grow her business. Vuyelwa's goal is to eventually own her own shop, selling and distributing fabric. Read more >




Business training in Malawi

Ecosurety - Change for good - Deki

Solomon, aged 29, lives in Usisya in Malawi with a young family.

Working 40 hours a week selling fish, Solomon will benefit from business training from Deki's field partner, Temwa. He hopes to learn how to write his own business plan as well as how to increase his profit margins. 

The plan is to open a wholesale shop in the future so he can afford to send all four of his children to school. Read more >





 If you would like to get involved with Deki too, you can find out more by visiting www.deki.org.uk

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ecosurety achieves fundraising record for charity Deki

Six months on - the sustainable investment that keeps on giving


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Ecosurety - Change for good with Deki

“We were really impressed with ecosurety's enthusiasm and commitment to the Deki Tenner Tournament - the teams showed great tenacity in their business ideas and clearly had lots of fun.

I am proud to say they turned their £10 loans into the largest amount of money raised ever in the Tenner Tournament yet."
Bryony Spooner, Marketing and Communications Director at Deki

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