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Low-cost waste collection in Nigeria

Wecyclers is an innovative recycling initiative in Lagos, Nigeria. It enables households to transform their waste into something of value, whilst benefiting the local recycling industry with a steady stream of material. By reducing waste and pollution in local communities Wecyclers are driving an improvement in welfare including a reduction in diseases like malaria.

Using a fleet of ultra-green, low-cost bicycle powered collection vehicles - called 'wecycles' - Wecyclers work in close partnership with the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) to collect recyclable waste including plastic bottles, bags and aluminium cans.

The concept is simple - households are rewarded with points for every kilogram of recyclable waste they supply, exchangeable for food, household goods and cell phone minutes. After sorting them Wecyclers sell the materials to Nigerian recyclers. Serving over 9,000 households and directly employing more than 80 people, it is fair to say that Wecyclers is making a significant impact on local communities and lives, not to mention the many tonnes of waste that are now recycled each week.

Ecosurety partnership

As an official partner of Wecyclers, in 2015 Ecosurety donated two 'wecycles'. The impact of this is very tangible on the local community as it creates new employment opportunities for two people, continually improves the local environment, increases recycling and provides valuable rewards for 300 participating households - all through resource efficiency. We couldn't help but feel this was a powerful story that demonstrates the true potential of 'waste'.


Ecosurety Change for good with Wecyclers

Pictured above are Mr Favour and Mr Bolaji. Before Wecyclers they had low paid, stressful jobs involving very long hours. Now they are improving their local communities, earning more money and have a much better quality of life. Mr Favour is saving the extra funds to further his education and Mr Bolaji has the time to pursue interests outside of work.

To find out about how you can help Wecyclers too, please visit wecyclers.com.


Ecosurety Change for good with Wecyclers


“Wecyclers has helped to keep our community clean. Even the usual flooding during the rainy season has reduced. This is the third time I will redeem a gift from Wecyclers, all from waste. God bless Wecyclers”
Alabi Monsurat, Wecyclers subscriber


“Wecyclers has really changed the mentality of people in my area as people now properly sort their waste and recycle what is to be recycled”
Iya Olamide, Wecyclers subscriber


“The gutters are neater, we don’t see pure water sachets anymore”
Mr James, Wecyclers subscriber


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