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We provide free battery bucket packs, including multiple liner bags and a display poster, to help you collect batteries in store or in workplaces. You can easily boost your collections by placing them in strategic locations where lots of people pass by. Click 'Show more' to see what's included.
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What's included in your pack?


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To help you collect used batteries and promote their recycling in your workplace or store, our recycling packs contain:

  • One battery bucket
  • Eight liner bags
  • One storage sack
  • One A3 poster
  • An instruction leaflet

Please note that in order to reduce the environmental impact of our battery recycling, we require that you have at least six full liner bags when booking a collection. To facilitate this we supply a storage sack to enable you to safely store full liner bags on site, until you have accumulated the required amount.

What you need to know

Our battery collection services are tried and trusted with collection points in thousands of locations. Here's why we are relied upon by major brands to fulfill their battery collection obligations...
  • We provide whole UK coverage with a quick turnaround, built on established operations and years of experience
  • We collect a wide range of portable batteries: 6V, D, 9V, C, AA, AAA, button, laptop and mobile batteries
  • We only work with regulatory accredited organisations that meet our own in-house audit and assessment standards

Download our promotional poster

Inform your consumers about how to recycle their batteries by displaying our poster in your stores or workplace, next to your battery bucket. It's included in the battery recycling pack but you can download it here and print extra copies yourself.
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Our collection team are happy to help you. Call our dedicated collection line 0333 4330 370 or send us an email collections@ecosurety.com.