WEEE take-back

Providing a comprehensive take-back service for all EEE retailers

The Distributor Take-back Scheme is ending

The DTS was originally set up to exempt members of the scheme from their in-store take-back obligations for WEEE, when a customer purchased a new equivalent piece of EEE. The DTS is now being discontinued with two end dates: • 31 December 2020 for large EEE retailers (EEE annual turnover > £100K) • 31 December 2021 for small EEE retailers (EEE annual turnover < £100K) and online/distance sellers only If you are impacted, we can help you offer in-store take-back.

What do I need to do?

As soon as the DTS ends, you must offer WEEE take-back to your customers, enabling them to dispose of their old household electrical and electronic equipment when you sell them an item with a similar function. If you sell EEE - direct, by internet, mail order or telephone - you must either provide a free, in-store, WEEE take-back service to your customers or set up an alternative, free WEEE take-back service. Click 'Show more' to read the your full requirements.

Your take-back requirements in three steps:

1. Offer a like-for-like WEEE take-back solution

You must offer to take back of the same type as the item your customers buy from you, regardless of the brand of item and whether the new purchase is completed in-store, online or by mail order.

You must:

  • offer the in-store service for free - but you can charge to cover transport costs if you’re collecting items from customers’ homes.
  • give customers at least 28 days to bring back their waste item after purchase.
  • take back all types of electrical and electronic equipment that you sell - you can choose to extend your service to cover all kinds of electrical and electronic waste.


2. For stores with >400m2 sales area, offer take-back of all ‘very small WEEE’

If your electrical and electronic equipment sales area is greater than 400 square metres including aisle, display and shelf space, you must take back all items of ‘very small WEEE’ in store. ‘Very small WEEE’ are items of waste electrical and electronic equipment that are less than 25cm on their longest side.

You must provide this service to everyone for free, regardless of whether they’ve bought anything from your store.


3. Tell your customers which service you provide

 You must provide free written information to your customers on:

  • which take back service you provide, including collection on delivery
  • how they can reuse and recycle electrical and electronic equipment
  • why this waste needs to be separated from other waste
  • the damaging environmental effects of not recycling electrical and electronic equipment
  • the meaning of the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol


If this all sounds daunting, we are here to help.


We can help you

If you need to plan and implement your take-back strategy, we can provide the following support: • Help to set up stores’ collection infrastructure with bespoke solutions • Organise staff training • Plan in-store and online communications • Liaise with and audit collection and treatment partners • Offset your EEE Producer obligation against your WEEE take-back volume
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