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Five reasons to choose Ecosurety for your ESOS compliance


Energy saving is fast moving up the boardroom agenda for businesses in the UK and Europe.  So why is energy, and in particular ESOS, important to you? Energy costs are increasing; efficient technologies are becoming more accessible with a much shorter return on investment; there is more demanding and complex legislation; enforcement is far too expensive to buy your way out of. So what are you actually doing about it?

Here is why our transparent ESOS support solution won’t leave you out of pocket with the energy saving opportunities and instead, in the capable warm hands of our ESOS experts:


1. Saving you money where it matters

Business energy savings can be into the hundreds of thousands for energy intensive manufacturing sites, who have annual bills in the millions. With even just a 10% energy saving by modifying software and behavioural changes, the bottom line impact is significant with up to 10 per cent injection of capital back into the business.

This makes energy saving changes a no brainer to our members. Ecosurety are tackling this challenge head on with industry specific experts delivering an ESOS Energy Report direct to you.


2. Years of energy compliance experience

We’ve had years of experience ourselves in managing compliance matters. Now we’ve applied this to energy and partnered with established energy auditors. Our lead assessors have breadth and depth of knowledge plus information and resources that far surpasses a direct approach.

This includes: DEC energy certification, Carbon trust audits, ISO 50001 implementation, Buildings Management Services (T44 BMS), EPC Certification and CRC reporting, to name a few. We also fully audit all our assessors and can match you to the best fit provider based on your sector, service and budget needs.


3. Flexibility and efficiency built in

The number of lead assessors available has seen the tides turn since last year. Initially there were too few. Now, there are too many. We know what’s coming next: limited availability as lead assessors get booked out until the end of this year.

The good news for you is we’ve planned ahead. With a network of preferred lead assessors, we can not only select assessors by their relevant sector experience, we have the flexibility to assist you with the requirements to meet your ESOS needs in the most efficient way.


4. A model tailored to suit your business  

While others have a standard energy reporting framework that your business needs to work around, we flip it on its head. We develop a simple and cost effective energy management system for your business that can be used the way you want it. Handed to you as part of the energy audit report and recommendations, it’s a reporting framework that can be used over and over, helping you for future audits too.


5. Beyond ESOS and towards ISO15001

The way we see it, 29 January 2016 was not a deadline, it was a milestone. We could just provide a report and leave you to do the hard work making things happen, like other providers. But we want to do better than that. We see our role as helping you to realise the real benefits of ESOS – the savings and efficiencies that will make your organisation not only more sustainable but more profitable.

So, we go one step further than our competitors by providing ongoing support and development to measure, track and supply relevant technology, training and support identified in the report. We believe that ESOS is the first step on the path to a more environmentally efficient business – an ISO50001 compliant business and we can help you achieve that too. 


Ecosurety has been successfully providing compliance solutions since 2003. We’ve taken a unique approach to ESOS that helps you get the most out of this audit and our support team to implement the changes you want and see the costs savings sooner at a fixed cost to your business.

Contact us at esos@ecosurety.com or call 0845 094 2228 to find out more.

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