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Additional packaging compliance services

Over and above our standard packaging compliance service, we offer support bundles to help you resolve issues that are specific to your organisation or the industry in which you operate.

Typically these are scoped when you join our membership scheme but in some cases they will be one-off projects, which we can help with too.

Our additional services include:  

PRN transparency

Our unique platform called Circularety directly links obligated producers and reprocessors together, enabling you to directly invest your PRN obligation in concrete projects of your choosing that will benefit recycling. You can now communicate about your investment to your stakeholders whilst taking control of your PRN spend.

Packaging compliance will no longer been seen as 'just a tax'. To find out more please visit www.circularety.com or talk to a member of our team on 0845 094 2228.


Sales report analysis

It may be that your existing reporting process is overly labour intensive. Or perhaps you are new to packaging compliance. By conducting analysis of your sales reports we can work out the best fit approach for your organisation to comply with the producer legislation in the most efficient way possible.

When your business has several thousand products, this type of analysis can make a big difference. Imagine you have a product line of 25,000. Analysis reveals that 90% of your packaging liability rests with the top 200 products, allowing us to focus our efforts on that small proportion, saving you an awful lot of time, energy and money.


Pack weighing

To comply with the regulations you will need to know the weight of all your product packaging, a task that draws staff away from their core roles when you least need it. At Ecosurety, we will handle all of this for you, visiting your warehouse, weighing all your packaging as appropriate and storing the data in a useful format, ready for your compliance calculations.


Supplier liaison

If you have a complex supply chain and perishable products, sometimes it makes sense to contact suppliers directly to obtain packaging weights rather than weigh them individually. However, it can be a resource intensive, onerous task. Fortunately, we assume all the leg work for you contacting suppliers on your behalf and presenting all the information back when the job is complete.


Producing bespoke weight databases

Many packaging compliance schemes will lock you in by retaining ownership of your packaging weight database. We operate differently. We will produce a weight database bespoke to your business but the difference is you own it, to use and share as you please. What’s more, we design it with the future in mind, building it to accommodate new product lines in the future, minimising future administration costs and simplifying the process too.

You could say we don’t need to lock you in - we’re confident you won’t want to go anywhere else in the future.


Producing internal & external methodology

More often than not internal methodologies are stored in the heads of key people, causing untold difficulty for new staff taking over new responsibilities and inhibiting the ability to improve and refine processes. Starting with an audit, we will produce a detailed methodology working with key personnel, which can be referred to when needed and it demonstrates that all important transparency to the EA.


PRN procurement and data support for direct registrants

You may have chosen to register with the Environment Agency (EA) directly. In this case, we can still help you to procure your PRNs, operating on a consultative basis only. Contact us for more details.


EA audit preparation and support

The EA likes to audit all obligated producers once every three years. The good news is we make this process as painless as possible. We can prepare your presentation, attend on your behalf and even answer questions as your representative.  Alternatively, we can simply provide advice and guidance in advance of an audit to ensure you’re fully prepared.


Advice on packaging light-weighting and eco-design

While we spend a lot of time calculating your packaging liability, we also like to invest our time reducing your liability.  Lightweighting your packaging is not only economically effective, it can pay enormous dividends for your brand too. Contact us for professional advice and guidance.


Preparation of Civil Sanction resolutions

In the unfortunate event that you are subject to a civil sanction, we are well practiced at handling this on your behalf with a 100% success rate to date. Our service includes handling all the necessary paperwork, calculations (which may go back several years) and advice on your choice of charity that the EA will accept to mitigate against the situation and any risk to your brand reputation.

Please do note – this service is for customers who are NOT members of our packaging compliance scheme as naturally we do everything necessary to prevent our existing members from being subject to a civil sanction.


Green dot licensing

The Green Dot is a widely recognised symbol in most European countries. It indicates that a financial contribution has been paid to a national packaging recovery organisation. Confusingly, it doesn’t necessarily mean the packaging is recyclable.

Despite not being mandatory in the UK, there are some EU countries where it is and if you are the brand owner for goods for which the packaging displays the Green Dot you must pay a license fee in each country. For the UK, Ecosurety have a sub-licence agreement to be able to provide the Green Dot to its members.


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