Assessing your international compliance obligations  

Katie NairneDo you sell products outside of the UK? Does your company export to Europe, or sell to international distributors through a UK or European entity? Or do you offer delivery to customers across Europe via an online presence or through catalogues?

If yes, you may be obligated under regulations for WEEE, batteries or packaging, as well as other producer responsibility regimes including textiles, furniture and graphic paper.

Whether you already act on these obligations or are new to the topic, a thorough understanding of current compliance requirements and options is essential.

Join specialist Katie Nairne who will be presenting a free webinar lasting approximately one hour to cover these topics.

Who is it for?

This webinar is beneficial for those selling in or delivering to Europe, and anyone looking to gain a better understanding of producer responsibility compliance across Europe.

It will be useful for sellers of EEE, batteries and packaging or packaged goods who want more information or a refresher on assessing their obligations abroad, and on how to choose the best compliance options in other countries.

What will I learn?

This webinar is a great opportunity to get an overview of what is required of companies selling internationally, and to gain a better understanding of the compliance systems and producer requirements in Europe.

It will provide you with information on how Ecosurety’s International Compliance Management (ICM) service can support you with our advice, local insights and data management know-how and help you become compliant in other European countries.

There will also be a chance for you to ask any questions you may have and to share your opinions.


 This webinar is CPD accredited by The CPD Certification Service and can count towards your CPD requirements. View our certification here.


Dates Times Venue Registration Link
19/06/2018 2.00pm - 3.00pm Webinar Book now


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