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With 14 different categories to report in, managing your WEEE compliance needs properly can be somewhat confusing. Let us help you understand a little more about what’s involved. Choose from our raft of WEEE resources below and get up to speed before you can say WEEE.

Free webinars

Get up to speed quickly with one of our free 60 minute webinars, covering the nuts and bolts of each legislation as well as waste and recycling practices.

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Face to face seminars

If several members of your organisation are keen to get up to date with the latest WEEE compliance legislation, an onsite seminar, led by one of our technical compliance specialists, is a great way to ensure a deeper understanding of the subject area. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your WEEE compliance questions answered.

What happens if I cross the five tonnes threshold in the middle of the year?

It doesn’t matter when you cross the five tonnes threshold, but once you do, you have 28 days to register with a WEEE compliance scheme, like ours. It’s also worth noting that sometimes, businesses drop below the 5 tonnes threshold.

At Ecosurety we monitor this for our clients and where we can save money for our clients, we do, although we always encourage responsible recycling practice as much as possible.


What other obligations as a WEEE producer do I have?

It is your duty to:

  • WEEE crossed out wheeled bin symbolMark EEE placed on the UK market with the “crossed-out wheeled bin” symbol. Further details of this symbol can be found in British Standard BS EN 50419:2006 or feel free to give us a call with any questions. 
  • Provide information on reuse and environmentally sound treatment for products (we can significantly reduce the hassle of this too)
  • Provide a producer registration number for distributors
  • Retain records for at least four years
  • Not to prevent WEEE from being re-used through design decisions or manufacturing processes where possible


How do I know what category to put our WEEE in?

There are 14 different categories (including sub-categories) and this can be very confusing.

1 = Large domestic appliances e.g. washing machines, fridges, dish washers

2 – 10 = Various electrical and electronic products including IT, consumer products, medical, toys, monitoring and control

11 = Display equipment

12 = Cooling equipment

13 = Gas discharge lamps and LED light sources

14 = Photovoltaic Panels

For further support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will advise you on all scope issues.  


What happens if we don't comply?

In a nutshell, if you fail to meet your legal obligations, you may face prosecution under criminal law. Note: ignorance of the regulations is not a defence and every year of non-compliance counts against you.

It’s fair to say it’s easier to comply than risk the fall-out from non-compliance.


What lobbying do you do on our behalf?

At Ecosurety, we make it a priority to sit on a number of different working groups to ensure our members’ views are represented widely e.g. The WEEE Scheme Forum and the Batteries Working Group.

We also work closely with the Environment Agency and Government through consultation processes, as well as undertaking surveys of our members to influence the shape and direction of regulatory change. All our lobbying activity is included in our membership scheme fees. 


How much does it cost to join your WEEE compliance scheme?

There are three main fees that a packaging producer pays each year with a scheme:

  • Relevant agency fee (same across all schemes)

o   £445 (businesses with turnover of £1m+)

o   £210 (businesses with turnover below £1m but VAT registered)

o   £30 (businesses who fall below VAT threshold)

o   £30 (small producers)

  • Scheme membership fee
    An annual membership fee including data registration with the Environment Agency; data validation and provision of recycling and recovery system to meet your obligations.
  • WEEE recycling and recovery fees
    Producers of EEE have obligations to finance the recycling and recovery of their products at end of life. Obligations vary if your products are B2B or B2C. At Ecosurety, we work with a nationwide network of suppliers to ensure your obligations are met.


What additional services do you offer?

Thought you’d never ask! In addition to our standard services, we offer: 

  • Scoping and categorisation
  • Producing both internal & external methodologies
  • EA audit preparation, support and attendance
  • Internal auditing
  • Consulting and lobbying on behalf of our members to government, EA and regional environmental agencies
  • Combined Batteries and WEEE expertise
  • RoHS support

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Webinar: WEEE compliance in France and Germany

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This webinar is CPD accredited.


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