UK battery recycling plant

Through a key partnership we worked towards establishing the UK’s first battery recycling plant.

Reducing the impact of battery recycling

The UK has traditionally exported the majority of its batteries for treatment overseas to ensure it meets the EU recycling targets, due to a lack of facilities on UK soil. This included shipping our waste to countries such as Poland, France and Germany. Back in 2017, we worked with a leading recycler to explore the bold idea of setting up a new plant in the UK for the first time.

Saving a weighty carbon cost

Batteries are extremely harmful to the environment and to human health due to the dangerous chemicals and metals contained within them. Whilst we work hard to increase the collections of used batteries, the battery recycling process itself is often overlooked.
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Recycling batteries involves sorting collected batteries into the different chemistry types, which can either be done using an optical sorter or by hand.

The sorted batteries are then taken to a treatment centre where they are shredded up and the materials separated by various recovery processes. Shipping our battery waste abroad comes with a weighty carbon and financial cost as large trucks, lorries and containers are used to transport the batteries to their final recycling destination overseas. This is why we supported the attempt to create the UK's first comprehensive battery recycling plant, to recycle as much of our battery waste in the UK as possible.

Key insights and challenges

Our involvement in the ambitious pilot project to set up a battery recycling plant with a leading recycler provided us with invaluable insights into the process and challenges of setting up a new facility in the UK. Even though the pilot project did not come to fruition as we would have liked, we remain committed to support opportunities that can improve UK infrastructure, whether it is for packaging, batteries or WEEE recycling.
"It was an ambitious move by Ecosurety to back the development of the UK's first comprehensive battery recycling plant. Even though this trial did not work out as we were hoping for, we strongly believe that taking risks and tackling the big problems head-on are key to making bold improvements. We are more than ever open to opportunities to support the development of UK recycling infrastructure, whether it is to improve the treatment of batteries, WEEE or packaging.” James Piper CEO, Ecosurety

Battery collections

By partnering with local contractors and national operators, we provide whole UK coverage for the collection of batteries with a quick turnaround, built on established operations and years of experience. And it goes without saying that our waste batteries are treated in the UK.
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