Recycling Technologies partnership

Investing packaging compliance obligations into cutting edge recycling innovation

Recycling the unrecyclable

Ecosurety has secured a long-term, strategic partnership with Recycling Technologies Ltd. At the forefront of innovation in plastic recycling, Recycling Technologies create value from residual plastic waste on a global scale with a patented process to economically recycle mixed plastic waste – that is currently disposed of in landfill or incinerators – into a valuable hydrocarbon product, named Plaxx®. Watch the video on the right for more information.

Propelling plastic into the circular economy

The end product of Recycling Technologies unique chemical plastic recycling process is truly a game changer. Traditionally problematic materials including films, coloured plastics and laminated plastics, such as crisp packets, are processed into award-winning Plaxx®. This end-product is then used by polymer manufacturers to produce new, virgin quality material.
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The common plastic waste products that can feed into the production of Plaxx® are currently incinerated or sent to landfill sites, negatively impacting the environment. Investment in Recycling Technologies not only builds UK business capacity and creates jobs, it addresses urgent environmental issues by reducing the quantity of recycling that the country is forced to export or send to landfill.

The other benefits of Plaxx® production include virgin quality recyclates, stable prices and an improved environmental footprint - not to mention the versatile end-uses including plastic production, as a wax blender and for marine operators.

Plaxx products

Accelerating recycling capacity

Ecosurety is committing an estimated £3.2million to Recycling Technologies over three years on behalf of our packaging compliance members to help accelerate their ground-breaking chemical recycling capacity. This partnership has also secured a fixed PRN price that will help to increase market stability for our scheme and packaging compliance members.
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“We share a common vision with Ecosurety, to drive growth and innovation in the UK plastic recycling market. Our approach to recycling residual plastics means PRN certificates from Recycling Technologies will be of significant value to Ecosurety’s retail and FMCG customers looking to invest in building the domestic recycling infrastructure.” Adrian Griffiths Photo Adrian Griffiths CEO, Recycling Technologies