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Here's a quick video round-up of the main stories and insights that have caught our eye in the past seven days - plus a collection of links to the latest news from around the web: 



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UK packaging committee feeds in to EU circular economy plans

ESOS awareness on the rise, but energy managers remain sceptical


And in other news...

Unilever five years ahead in deforestation drive

NGOs support deforestation-limiting toolkit

H&M puts out sustainability report, but can fast fashion ever deliver?

Businesses not delivering in supply chain and on carbon - Achilles report

Unilever overtakes Nestle in behind the brands research by Oxfam

Insight blog: Five ways the UK's energy grid is changing

Limiting climate change could have huge economic benefits, study finds


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Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2015 to help drive the marketing communications for Ecosurety, working closely with all areas of the business to help spread the good word!

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Ben Luger

Useful links

Creating a wave of change in a plastic ocean

The new documentary film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ opens up the world of plastic pollution for all to see, exposing the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle.


Go wild for nature and create a bug hotel!

As part of our Change for Good project with Avon Wildlife Trust, this month our team created a whole suite of bug hotels to install at Feed Bristol.


Sustainable travel – a luxury for the wealthy?

A recent business trip to London got us thinking about the sustainable travel conundrum - do you really have to pay a premium to ensure business travel has as little impact on the environment as possible?