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Our story

Let's start at the beginning...

We opened our doors in 2003, with a mission to shake up packaging compliance in the UK. Our founder Steve Clark saw the opportunity because companies with packaging compliance obligations to fulfill weren't being well served in the marketplace.

By offering flexibility and transparency to companies while the rest of the industry was being less than helpful, the company soon got established. Since then, things have moved on but our founding principle, to stay ahead of the curve for our clients while keeping to our values, still drives everything. 

Driving change and progress

Today Ecosurety is one of the UK's fastest-growing producer responsibility compliance schemes, with over 1,000 clients and big plans to continue driving change and progress towards a circular economy.

From the start our aim has been to reduce the pressure on primary raw materials, which causes huge social and environmental impacts. Increasingly we do this by working across the whole product cycle, from design to disposal, and encouraging greater capture and recycling of waste.

We also understand how the world's necessary move towards a circular economy isn't just being achieved by hard work but also by innovation. That's where our own work to change the industry for the better comes in. Just take a look at our pioneering initiative called Circularety that helps to empower reprocessors and obligated packaging producers to increase transparency and reduce market volatility.

An exciting journey

It's an exciting journey for both us and our member companies. Back in 2002, when the business was being developed, the world was different. The concept of lightweighting of packaging hadn’t arrived, and not much thought had been given to what happened to products at end-of-life. Only 12% of household waste was being recycled, compared with today’s mid-40% figures – and the next target is 70%.

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Webinar: Producer Responsibility in Spain, Italy and Portugal

Please join our international compliance product manager, Fran Witthuhn, in this free webinar for an introduction to producer responsibility compliance outside of the UK, specifically covering obligations under WEEE, batteries and packaging legislation in Spain, Italy or Portugal.


Our role in industry

With dedicated lobbying, proactive support and industry-focused expertise, we work hard to ensure Ecosurety’s compliance schemes deliver much more than just value for money to our members.


Webinar: Batteries compliance and data preparation training

Understand how your batteries obligation is calculated, what is required for accurate reporting and where the UK collection rates currently stand, with our technical expert Abigail Warren who will be presenting a free webinar lasting approximately half an hour.
This webinar is CPD accredited.


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