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Batteries compliance

Companies who manufacture, import or distribute portable batteries in the UK market are subject to the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations, introduced in 2009.

Like the packaging waste regulations, these regulations are designed to encourage companies to assume responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of battery disposal at the end of their lives.


Does batteries compliance apply to your organisation?

Are you:

A) A business that manufactures or imports portable, industrial or automotive batteries?


B) A distributor who sells more than 32kg of portable batteries a year? (not including batteries that are integrated into a portable product) 

If you meet either of these definitions then you are subject to the waste batteries and accumulators regulations and must act accordingly. If you’re still unsure, get in touch and we can arrange a free onsite battery regulation assessment.

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What do you need to do?

If you answered YES to A, you are classed as a producer. If you answered YES to B, you are categorised as a distributor

As a producer

You have a reporting responsibility and you may have to finance a proportion of the batteries that your organisation has placed onto the UK marketplace, based on recycling targets set by the government.

This will vary depending on whether you’re classed as a ‘small producer’ (placing less than one tonne on the market) or a ‘large producer’ of portable batteries. If you only place automotive or industrial batteries on the marketplace, it may be different again. See our battery regulations FAQs for details.

As a small producer, you must:

  • Register with the Environment Agency and report the weight of batteries you have placed onto the market annually, broken down by type (portable / industrial / automotive) and by chemistry (lead acid / nickel cadmium / other)

As a large producer, you must:

  • Do the same as a small producer but in addition you are legally required to:

    • join a batteries compliance scheme, who will assist with reporting and manage your registration with the Environment Agency
    • report on a quarterly basis, rather than annual
    • finance the collection, treatment and recycling of batteries, proportionate to the volume you place on the market
    • share the task and financial implications of publicising battery recycling to the general consumer

If you are an automotive / industrial producer only, you must:

Do a combination of the two:

  • Register with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) using the same portal as small producers
  • Report on a yearly basis (split into chemistry type)
  • Publish information about the amount of batteries you take back


As a distributor

You must:

  • Make provision for the collection of waste batteries
  • Allow consumers to recycle their batteries free of charge, offering take-back services in your retail outlets and point of sale information about this service.


Bamboozled? You might want to check our battery regulations FAQs section. Failing that, pick up the phone and we’ll do our best to help, simply call 0845 094 2228.


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How we can help you comply

As one of the largest battery compliance schemes in the market, Ecosurety is trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Philips, Kodak and Dell to handle their full compliance requirements on their behalf.

We work hard to:

  • Save you money through smarter, more efficient management of your batteries obligation
  • Act as your expert with a firm handle on the complexity of the legislation, removing the stress and hassle from the whole process, so you can concentrate on your core business
  • Engage with the government on behalf of our members, influencing the direction and shape of future batteries legislation
  • Keep on top of the latest battery recycling technologies, accommodating the recycling requirements from new battery designs with ease
  • Continually grow our extensive battery collection network of over 7,000 locations across the UK
  • Ensure you are up to date whenever any new regulations or amendments are tabled
  • Protect you from the risk of financial sanctions from not complying with your obligations

With over 95% of customers renewing every year, we’re confident we can help you whether you’re a small producer, large producer or distributor.

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Summary of key batteries compliance services

Our standard batteries compliance service for producers covers all you need to meet your obligation including

  • Registration with the Environment Agency (EA)
  • Data auditing, collection and reporting
  • Calculation of your obligation and sourcing evidence
  • Timely submission to the EA

For distributors we offer:

  • A free battery collection service through our sister company, Recyclenow.co.uk


Of course, our service is always tailored to each and every customer with:

  • Flexible support packages (including full data management, in-house batteries consultancy and much more)
  • A dedicated relationship manager to answer any queries
  • Multi-regulation discounts and flexible pricing (Do you need help with packagingWEEE or your ESOS obligation?)


We also offer:

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Please tell us about the services you are interested in and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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