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WEEE compliance

Companies who manufacture, import or rebrand electrical or electronic goods into the UK market must comply with the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

Like other Producer Responsibility legislation, the WEEE regulations are there to encourage companies to assume responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of products at the end of their lives.


Does WEEE compliance apply to your organisation?

Are you a business that manufactures, imports or rebrands electrical or electronic equipment in the UK?

If the answer is YES, then the WEEE regulations apply to your organisation and you will be required to act whether through registration and reporting or financing waste collection.

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What do you need to do?

If you answered YES to the question above, you are classed as a producer but your obligations will vary according to the amount you produce.

As a producer you must:

  • Join a WEEE compliance scheme within 28 days of reaching the 5 tonne minimum threshold*
  • Finance a proportion of the costs for the collection, treatment and recovery of the EEE you have placed on the market (we do this calculation for you)
  • Report on the weight of EEE that you’ve placed onto the UK market
  • Ensure the reports categorise your EEE correctly
  • Split this into B2B or B2C appropriately
  • Ensure your data is as accurate as is reasonably possible

*Note: Producers below the 5 tonne threshold have the option of registering direct with the Environment Agency.

There are a few other nitty gritty details so it’s worth checking our WEEE FAQs section to be fully in the picture or you can of course talk to one of our specialists. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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How we can help you comply

With dedicated lobbying, proactive support and industry-focused expertise, Ecosurety’s WEEE compliance scheme delivers not only value for money, but strategic competitive advantage.

We work hard to:

  • Save you money through smarter, more efficient management as well as multi-regulation discounts
  • Remove the hassle involved in meeting a complex regulation on time, to the highest standard
  • Give you confidence that you are legally compliant and not at risk from litigation, financial penalties and damaging your brand through non-compliance
  • Influence the shape and direction of government legislation on behalf of our customers
  • Keep you updated with the latest regulatory developments

With more than 300 clients, we’re confident we can help you with your WEEE compliance needs.

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Summary of key WEEE compliance services

Our standard WEEE compliance service for producers covers all you need to meet the WEEE regulations including:

  • Registration with the Environment Agency (EA)
  • Data auditing, collection and reporting
  • Calculation of your obligation and sourcing evidence
  • Timely submission to the EA


Of course, our service is always tailored to each and every customer with:

  • Flexible support packages (including full data management, in-house WEEE consultancy and much more)
  • A dedicated relationship manager to answer any queries
  • Multi-regulation discounts and flexible pricing (Do you need help with packagingbatteries or your ESOS obligation?)


We also offer:

  • Comprehensive online reporting with a secure, online approvals system to minimise time and hassle
  • One invoice, one point of contact
  • Free monthly webinars to keep you up to date all year round
  • Proactive threshold monitoring for maximum efficiency

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