Ecosurety appoints new Head of Operations

Ecosurety today confirms the appointment of Clement Gaubert as its new Head of Operations.

As Head of operations, Clement will play a critical role within Ecosurety, leading the technical and procurement teams across the three regulations of packaging, batteries and WEEE. 

He joins Ecosurety with 12 years of high-level management experience in the waste management sector, nine of which as a WEEE compliance scheme manager.

A wealth of industry experience

Clement brings a wealth of industry experience to his role. After graduating with a MSc degree from a business school in France, he wrote his Masters degree dissertation on the WEEE industry in France. This led to a 6-month placement at Veolia in the UK where Clement stayed for the next 12 years, variously as a WEEE and battery scheme administrator and then as a WEEE scheme manager.

In his time there he helped to set up the largest battery compliance scheme in the UK and also headed up a £1.5 million investment in a new WEEE recycling facility dedicated to the recycling of flat screen monitors, which opened in 2016. Needless to say, he brings key insight into the Ecosurety team from across the compliance and recycling industries.

Clement will support Ecosurety’s expansion in the packaging, WEEE and batteries markets and will represent the Technical and Procurement teams at operational board level, reporting to Ecosurety’s CEO James Piper.

A huge asset to Ecosurety

James Piper, CEO of Ecosurety commented “Clem’s extensive management experience within the waste management sector, combined with his extensive knowledge of the WEEE and battery markets will, I’m sure, prove to be a huge asset to Ecosurety as we seek to expand further into these areas of compliance." 

"We welcome Clem’s wealth of ideas and insights on procurement and are delighted to have him on board.”

Clement Gaubert commented on his new role “I am very pleased and excited to be joining such a forward-thinking producer compliance scheme which strives to go beyond basic compliance."

"With changes to the DTS system next year and Extended Producer Responsibility on the horizon, I look forward to engaging with our producers and recycling partners to expand our WEEE and battery collections, and to deliver innovative projects and campaigns to make a positive impact on UK recycling.”

About Ecosurety

Ecosurety has over 1,000 members across the retail, food and drink sectors. As well as managing their legal recycling obligations, Ecosurety works with its members to identify programmes that drive forward innovation, education and improved infrastructure across the UK’s recycling sector, using a proportion of members’ evidence spend as a finance mechanism. In April 2020 the company became B Corp certified, making it the UK’s first compliance scheme to join the growing global network of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit.

Ben Luger

Marketing projects specialist

Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2015 and helps drive marketing communications and projects for Ecosurety, including project managing the launch of the Ecosurety Exploration Fund and website content development.

Written by Ben Luger Published 30/06/2020 Topics Ecosurety
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