Midyear WEEE recycling performance looking good for 2016

The latest WEEE recycling figures are out and allow us to assess our current and projected performance.

The figures indicate that we can expect a small oversupply of display and cooling recycling by the end of the year compared to the targets. This is apparent with the UK well on its way to hit the overall annual target, however later in the year there may be some recyclers struggling to find outlets for evidence in the display and cooling categories.

Leaps in Gas Discharge Lamps have also been well absorbed. Percentage wise, such a massive increase in the market would normally cause havoc, however dual use is projected to absorb most of this increase and the difference is too minor to raise concerns.

This year it looks like the waste supply is out there to help meet the target, so the compliance fee may only be a minor top up, which (depending on the approved system) could work out to be disproportionately expensive than usual for anyone using the system.

Ecosurety is confident that our own WEEE collections will meet our own targets, and that UK performance will follow suit.

Looking forward to 2017

For next year - as long as DEFRA aren't overly ambitious with the 2017 targets - the market is looking positive with better pricing availability of evidence for producers. This will be pleasing news for producers who have not really benefited from the new system since 2014, as previous improvements were absorbed by recyclers operating costs and material value subsidy changes in the last two to three years.

With the evidence market settling we are now looking to support the balancing of targets versus waste arising under the new dual use rules, through stakeholder groups and our work with DEFRA.

Overall our projections for 2017 are positive. Our collection, treatment and accreditation work with customers and suppliers will start to return material values next year. The result of applying our expertise to partners and members establishes a more reliable and stable supply of evidence, whilst adding value to our partners and recovering more material into the WEEE system.

As this is early in the WEEE collection performance review, only time will tell if our expectations are met at the end of the year. The next milestone will be Quarter 3 data that is due to be released in November. Given the lateness in the year of that report, this Quarter 2 analysis is an important time to take stock and make the relevant adjustments to plan the end of year balancing of budgets.

To discuss your WEEE compliance obligations please contact our team of specialists on 0845 094 2228 or email info@ecosurety.com.

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