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Figures released this month by the Environment Agency show that over £189,000 has been donated to charities by business who have been non-compliant under the packaging regulations between September 2014 and April 2015. 

This process is called a civil sanction, and was introduced in 2011 as an alternative to prosecution. It means companies who are non-compliant with the packaging regulations are able to avoid the courts by donating avoided costs to a charity of environmental concern. A form, called an Enforcement Undertaking, is submitted detailing what you have now done to become compliant and the amount you wish to donate

There are two kinds of civil sanction; proactive and reactive. Each has a percentage of your avoided costs added on top. Proactive offers have 10% added, whilst reactive offers have 30% added. 

Giving back

In total, since August 2013, nearly £1.3million has been donated to environmental charities, which is a fantastic opportunity for those companies who may not have been aware of the regulations to make a difference in their local community or to a national cause.  

An example of some of the charities accepted by the Agency include the Woodland Trust, the Bumblebee Trust, Trees for Cities and various Wildlife Trusts. 

What does this mean for producers?

If you have recently been registered under the regulations, and you think you may have been non-compliant in previous years, then get in touch with us! 

We have a wealth of experience in helping our member’s prepare successfully accepted Enforcement Undertakings, and can make the process simple and easy for you, leaving you to get on with your day to day job. Simply email packaging@ecosurety.co.uk or call 0845 094 2228 to speak to one of our friendly technical specialists.

About ecosurety

ecosurety was set up in 2003 (originally as Budget Pack) and specialises in sustainable business practice, driving efficiencies at every level for its 1,000-plus UK member companies.

Its market-leading integrated services span sustainable strategy, waste, compliance and intelligent reporting. In 2014 the company received the Institute of Directors' Corporate Responsibility Award for the South West.

By shaping and supporting best practice in waste and recycling ecosurety is driving greater efficiency in the resource cycle and reducing demand for raw materials. By 2020 ecosurety is targeting influence over 1 million tonnes of waste.

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