Q1 2022 WEEE data shows unpromising collection rates

The Q1 figures published on 1 June reveal that 119,871 tonnes of waste electricals were collected between January and March 2022 – a 684 tonne reduction from the same time last year.

Whilst still early in the compliance year, this might be an indication that recycling targets will be missed again for the sixth consecutive time.  

Collections were made harder in 2020 and 2021 due to the knock-on effects of the pandemic, but as Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC’s) are open and operational, a boost in collections should instead have been apparent. As it stands however, of the 14 waste electrical categories, only display equipment and automatic dispensers are on track.

There are several possible factors responsible for plateaued collections. For instance, the total amount of EEE placed on the market has remained relatively steady over the last few years and this coupled with issues in encouraging householders to dispose of waste electricals at dedicated collection points means finite available tonnages.

Looking ahead

We expect that increased collections from households and within the business-to-business market, will be a key theme within the upcoming WEEE consultation due to be released this summer. Suggestions may include producer funding of kerbside collections and take-back obligations for online marketplaces.


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Written by Louisa Goodfellow Published 09/06/2022 Topics WEEE
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