Robbie Staniforth gives a round-up of what to expect for EPR in 2020 and beyond

In a recent article for Circular, the news and insights resource from CIWM, Robbie Staniforth explored the future landscape of EPR this year and beyond

Undeniably EPR was the hot topic last year with the raft of government consultations and the Environment Bill paving the way for significant changes to how producers will be obligated for the materials and products they place on the market.

As we start the New Year, head of policy at Ecosurety, Robbie Staniforth, provided CIWM's Circular with a run through of what to expect and when, underlined by the fact that the post-election government now has a stronger majority and no excuse for not meeting the pledge by Boris Johnson “to make this country the cleanest, greenest on earth, with the most far-reaching environmental programme”.

Here is a brief summary of the topics Robbie covered in the article, with a link to read the full details at the end:

Consultations expected in 2020


Expected to remain the highest profile of all the policy areas, will new packaging legislation be introduced by 2023, as planned? A new round of consultations in 2020 can be expected to help meet this ambitious target.


Enforcement of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Directive tightened in 2019, presenting another barrier to meeting recycling ambitions in the UK. The government are due to consult on changes this year, giving industry an opportunity to feedback.


Alongside WEEE, the government indicated it will consult on batteries in 2020.

Beyond 2020

In the article Robbie goes on to explore what we can expect longer term for EPR heading into 2021 and 2022, including end-of-life vehicles, tyres, textiles, bulky waste. construction waste and fishing gear.


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Written by Ben Luger Published 10/01/2020 Topics Consultations
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