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Feed Bristol pond project

Our Change for good project for 2017 is led by Abigail Warren, one of our Key Account Managers. It is a partnership with a fantastic local charity, Avon Wildlife Trust, at their Feed Bristol site. Located only a few miles from our office it was a natural choice for us to help support local wildlife, and also to get the team outside for some hard toil in the sun and rain! 

The beautiful eight acre Feed Bristol site is a hub of bio-diversity in the middle of our city where nature is encouraged to flourish thanks to an abundance of native flora, hedgerows, trees and ponds - all thanks to the hard work Avon Wildlife Trust. It is not only the wildlife that benefits from the Feed Bristol site however, the aim is to also support a range of community groups and schools with different needs, promoting health, wellbeing and education through outdoor activities.

This short video featuring Sarah Moore, Director of Fundraising, Membership & Communications, and Matt Cracknell, Feed Bristol Project Manager, both from Avon Wildlife Trust, explains why this project is so important:



The big challenge!

After a huge hole was dug by local contractors (who kindly donated a digger for a day) our team was tasked with landscaping the latest, and biggest, pond on site that would help to create a link between the other existing habitats. It sounded like a simple task, but in reality involved a huge effort from our whole team.

Throughout the month of May various members of our team spent a day working on the pond, under the direction of the excellent Feed Bristol experts. In total we have donated more than 240 man hours and over £5,000 for materials, and the result is looking impressive already. Of course it takes time for nature to establish and we'll be revisiting the pond over the coming months to see how it blossoms into a thriving habitat.

As you might have guessed this isn't your average pond - features include a natural clay lined base (instead of a plastic liner), a covered pond dipping platform with rain water harvesting, willow hedging, bog area, multi-habitat landscaped bank, planting scheme with hundreds of native wild flowers and a collection of bug hotels.

Here you can watch a time-lapse video documenting some of our hard work, and see many photographs of our team in action!




Feed Bristol - before pond

 The site in 2016 before work began!


Digging a huge hole in February 2017 


overview of pond

Landscaping the site May 2017 


landscaping the pond

Robbie and Luke shifting soil! 


planting the pond

Robbie, Colin, Fran and Abigail planting the bank  


Abigail landscaping

Abigail landscaping the bank with stone chippings


planting the bog

 The team planting the bog area


planting the bank

Luke, Kim and Kerrin planting a shaded bank area 


pond dipping platform

Constructing the pond dipping platform 


willow tunnel

James, Luke and Colin building the willow tunnel 


The Ecosurety team at Feed Bristol

The end of a hot days work!


We'll be posting updates as the pond establishes itself, watch this space! To find out more about the Avon Wildlife Trust please click their logo below:



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“It has been a real privilege to be able to undertake this project as part of our Change for good initiative.

Transforming the Feed Bristol site has been extremely rewarding and the whole team has enjoyed it so much, it's been the ultimate team building activity!”
Abigail Warren, Key account manager, Ecosurety



“Working with business is so important to us at Avon Wildlife Trust, it brings people to our site and we find they love it - it's extremely good for the soul and for wellbeing.

We love being able to facilitate that and at the end of it we always get an amazing outcome, like this pond!”
Sarah Moore, Director of Fundraising, Membership & Communications, Avon Wildlife Trust



“My overall involvement working at the Feed Bristol pond project was a total contrast to my normal day-to-day working life. Being outside and seeing this bigger picture evolving in front of us was all about hard work and thriving on a challenge.

This is not something I have ever done – its taught me not to think too hard or be afraid of a certain challenge.”

Colin Porter, Compliance technical specialist, Ecosurety



“Participating in this project has been a great experience, I have been able to use my hands more than my brain, which was refreshing!

 It’s amazing what you can do in one day with 10 people – and to see the result of all our hard work at the end of the day is very rewarding.”
Stephanie Housty, Marketing manager


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