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Optimise for new legislation and drive your strategy to reduce your environmental impact
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Optimise your producer responsibilities

Having an accurate and reliable packaging portfolio dataset is critical. It will enable you to prepare for increased data reporting requirements and identify where your liabilities lie for the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the Deposit Return Schemes (DRS). Not only that - with the right data in place you can strategically focus efforts on reducing those costs and your environmental impacts with ease.

We're here to help you get there in four steps:

1. Prepare your business

Before working on your packaging data we can help you understand what needs to be taken into consideration – including PPT, EPR, DRS and any voluntary drivers such as a plastic reduction commitment. Our team can then assess your existing data to help you quickly get prepared. We can:

  • Model your costs and the likely impacts on your business
  • Check your data coverage to discover what needs to be improved
  • Plan your data collection processes, including for any complex supply chains




packaging data insights dashboard



2. Collect the right packaging data

Our experienced team will support you with both internal and supplier data collection. We know this is more often easier said than done and that the quality of your database will only ever be as good as the data going in. We can:

  • Optimise your data collection, methodology and accuracy
  • Validate that your data is accurate and complete to fully assess your liabilities
  • Enable confidence in all your data submissions
  • Centralise the data required to get a holistic view of your packaging environmental impact

Collect the right packaging EPR data



3. Comply with your obligations

Once you have accurate data flowing in, you need to be sure that it is used to efficiently comply with any obligations you have, accurately and on time. We will:

  • Submit your data to environmental regulators
  • Calculate your obligations
  • Help you fulfil your EPR obligations via PRN purchasing

control packaging data



4. Improve your packaging portfolio

Data visualisations of your current and estimated future costs will drive strategic decision-making, taking the pain out of deciding how to optimise your product and packaging portfolio to reduce your PPT, EPR, DRS and environmental impacts. It will also define strategies to meet your recyclability goals. We can help you to:

  • Understand existing compliance cost drivers
  • Fully engage with your suppliers, internal teams and your board
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your products and their EPR costs
  • Easily track and report on the impact of your actions




packaging design

Our packaging data services

We have a range of packaging data services that you can call upon to future-proof your Extended Producer Responsibility and packaging portfolio:

Ecosurety PRN market tracker

PRN market tracker

Our interactive PRN market tracker dashboard is updated daily with the latest market prices. It provides sophisticated insights into factors driving PRN market dynamics and displays daily and year to date average prices per material. This will enable you to closely follow the fluctuations in the PRN market - helping you to budget and understand your PRN expenditure.
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Packaging database creation

Packaging database creation

Gain control of the data that you require to understand your producer responsibility costs, report to government and optimise your packaging portfolio. We will support you with data collection internally and across your supply chain, to build and maintain a comprehensive and accurate database that is 100% owned by you. This will not only get you ready for increased reporting requirements under new legislation, it will enable you to unleash the power of data insights.
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Packaging PRN cost analytics dashboard

PRN cost analytics

Our interactive Packaging Cost Insights dashboard uses a robust methodology to support the modelling of your data and PRN costs. This will enable you to confidently budget and develop a strategy to optimise your packaging portfolio, reduce your PRN expenditure based on validated insights and accelerate change towards sustainable packaging.
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Plastic packaging tax analytics dashboard

Plastic Packaging Tax analytics

Drive your Plastic Packaging Tax strategy using our expert approach to support the validation of your data and modelling of your costs. Our interactive analytical dashboards will help you to budget, prepare for tax returns and develop a strategy to reduce your tax liabilities by identifying opportunities on a SKU, product and supplier level.
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Packaging EPR analytics dashboard

Packaging EPR analytics

Under new EPR measures, a new modulated fee mechanism will penalise hard-to-recycle materials to stimulate better packaging design and producer data reporting requirements will also be far more complex. You can prepare for packaging EPR now using our tried and tested data services to support the modelling of your data and costs via interactive analytical dashboards. Actively plan for major legislative change, budget for increased costs and develop a strategy to reduce your EPR liabilities.
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"Toolstation work closely with Ecosurety to bring packaging waste data alive, improving our understanding of both supplier performance and product impact. Data insights have improved our knowledge of the whole supply chain, enabling Toolstation to reduce plastic and remove unnecessary packaging with data-driven decision making." Paul Field Photo Paul Field Quality Assurance Manager, Toolstation