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But when they think together, they can achieve more. That's why we unite key people and projects in the recycling industry to communicate, collaborate...and get more done.

Strategic Impact Meetings

We hold regular collaborative Strategic Impact Meetings involving a range of stakeholders to enable and foster collaboration to tackle the big problems facing producers and recyclers today. They also help to provide critical input into our government consultation responses and help shape the future of new and existing Ecosurety services. Ultimately they help make a bigger collaborative impact.
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Areas of focus

Our strategic impact meetings pull together stakeholders across the industry including producers, reprocessors, industry bodies, trade associations and government. The meetings focus on a wide range of topics including:

Consultation responses

The meetings provide an essential forum to share vital information and insight, helping to form a cohesive thought process and response to government consultations. This has been vital to ensure DEFRA are provided with the best expert industry intelligence and thinking around how a future packaging compliance system could optimally work, for example.

Voicing concerns

Occasionally something occurs that sends shock waves through the compliance industry. The strategic impact meetings provide an essential forum for all stakeholders in the system to voice and share concerns. For example, our WEEE focused meetings enable producers and recyclers to discuss and knowledge share insight around the POPs and DTS issues that impact so many.

Producer and recycler collaboration

Exciting connections are made between key recyclers we have partnered with and our members. Many have now developed their own relationships and realised opportunities to further invest and direct their recycling evidence money towards increasing UK capacity and tackling challenging materials.

Project collaborations

Through the sharing of our involvement in key education and innovation projects such as #InTheLoop and Polytag, our members, industry experts and reprocessors are able to get involved too and many have explored further opportunities that these projects have presented.

Commercial insight

The strategic impact meetings provide unrivalled opportunity for essential cross-industry discussion and debate, with the opportunity for all present to explore and scrutinise the market forces at play. This has never been more important, with packaging producers facing the most turbulent and volatile period of price fluctuations over the last couple of years, for example.


"The Ecosurety strategic impact meetings provide a great opportunity to talk with likeminded peers on solutions for packaging issues, sharing best practice and having an early sight of industry innovations."

Paul Irwin-Rhodes, SHE and external affairs manager, Greggs


"The strategic impact meetings are an essential forum throughout the year. We are thrilled to see the unique cross-industry insights, opportunities and collaborations that arise - improving quality UK recycling is always the focus and the steps we have collectively taken towards that goal have been so impactful.”

Jon Brookes, Head of partnerships, Ecosurety


If you think you should be involved in our strategic impact meetings too, please contact our team.

The UK Plastics Pact

Ecosurety is a member of the UK Plastics Pact, an initiative launched by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) and the Ellen MacArthur foundation to tackle the issue of plastics in this country. The focus of the pact is to bring together all stakeholders involved in making, using, collecting, sorting, reusing and recycling plastics in order to transform the system. Supported by the government, the aim is to generate a fundamental change in the way plastics are designed, produced, used, re-used and disposed
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Material Focus

Material Focus (formerly called the WEEE Fund) was set up to distribute money collected through the WEEE compliance fee, an alternative form of compliance for schemes who are unable to procure enough WEEE recycling evidence to fulfil their obligations. Ecosurety was selected by the WEEE Scheme Forum to be part of a judging panel on communication and awareness campaign bids to Material Focus.
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The WEEE compliance fee creates a central pot of money that can be awarded to initiatives that directly promote the collection of WEEE. Since launching in 2017, the fund has generated over £10 million to support increased recycling and reuse of waste electricals in the UK.

Our participation with the WEEE Fund kicked off with a contribution to a communication workshop in April 2019, alongside electrical and electronic products manufacturers, retailers, DEFRA representatives and NGOs, to identify and agree on consumer engagement activities that would improve e-waste recycling rates.

Throughout the year we have provided support to the WEEE Fund team by sharing our experience of the WEEE market, as well as our learnings on consumer awareness campaigns and education projects we have initiated over the past few years for various waste streams that could help inform future communication campaigns that target e-waste.

We will continue to support the WEEE fund with our time and insights as they finalise their strategy and roll out their communication activities planned in 2020.


"Making sure that the WEEE compliance fee funds are used to make a tangible impact on e-waste recycling is vital. I am glad we can share our experience on communication and awareness campaigns to help steer and inform the WEEE Fund actions, so that we can improve recycling rates of the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.”

Stephanie Housty, Marketing manager, Ecosurety



Since the success of #LeedsByExample, on-the-go recycling has now been dramatically improved in more UK cities including Swansea and Edinburgh, all thanks to an unprecedented collaborative effort.
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New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment was launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and is bringing together businesses and governments around the world to tackle plastic pollution. Ecosurety has joined the commitment in recognition of the investment, specialist consultancy and support committed over the next two years to innovative new recycling technologies, such as the PolyMet project run by Impact Solutions.
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Global plastics commitment


Our #LeedsByExample campaign has linked up an unprecedented number of major brands and organisations to create the biggest collaborative push to improve on-the-go recycling in the UK.
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Collaborative partnerships

Alongside our involvement in large scale collaborative projects, we also foster collaborative partnerships with many organisations on a one to one basis.
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