If there is one thing you can say about our team, it is that we are passionate.

Find out more here about the people who enable us to achieve the highest standard of service for our members.

Adam Freeman Chairman
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Adam Freeman


Adam joined the team as chairman in 2023 with a key responsibility of steering the future direction of the company and delivering its mission of accelerating change towards an environmentally sustainable world.

He brings over 20 years of experience in organisational transformation, board leadership, and business growth in global digital media markets, the technology sector, and business consulting services.

Adam has worked previously as Managing Director of the Guardian News & Media and Managing Director of Bloomberg Media, EMEA. He has set up his own start-up, has a broad range of media, technology and digital automation and monetisation experience and has a strong track record in leading and advising B Corps.

Will Ghali Chief Executive Officer
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Will Ghali

Chief Executive Officer


Will Ghali is CEO of Ecosurety, responsible for leading the Ecosurety team and the strategic direction of the company. He ensures that we continue to deliver the highest level of transparency and service to our members whilst fulfilling our purpose to enable change for good, to make a positive impact on the quality of recycling.

After graduating with a BSc. in Management Sciences from the University of Warwick, Will started a career in marketing at Unilever before holding senior marketing roles in large, branded consumer goods businesses such as Reckitt Benckiser, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods, as well as smaller entrepreneurial businesses such as Cobra Beer. After a 20-year career in marketing, Will has spent nine years in strategy and leadership roles, helping businesses such as Pukka Herbal Teas to grow and evolve.

Will is not only passionate about developing teams and enabling people to play to their strengths to improve the business, he is also driven to ensure that businesses are ethical and sustainable.

Outside work, Will loves being outdoors walking and cycling in the countryside.

James Piper Non-Executive Director
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James Piper

Non-Executive Director

James Piper is a Non-Executive Director of Ecosurety, having previously taken on the role of CEO for nearly five years when he was now focused on leading the development of new products and services that not only benefited producers, but helped to drive change for good and a positive impact on UK recycling.

For many years James has worked hard to bring about positive change in the compliance market through increased transparency and accountability. Since joining the board in 2015, he has worked to demonstrate that recycling compliance need not be perceived as a tax, but an opportunity for brands to align their producer responsibility obligations with their sustainability agenda.

In this way producers are now demanding more from their compliance spend and James and the wider Ecosurety team are leading the way through a collaborative approach across areas of education, innovation, collaboration and infrastructure in the UK recycling sector. Heavily involved in strategy, policy and company values, James is also passionate about fairness, equal opportunities and a healthy work-life balance across the business.

He is a regular speaker at industry events, featured in Resource Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the waste sector and has been recipient of a number of business leader awards. When not in work James is writing the “The Rubbish Book” which will be published in 2021 as the ultimate guide to recycling for consumers.




Steve Clark Non-Executive Director
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Steve Clark

Non-Executive Director

Steve established Ecosurety in 2003 in response to the lack of flexibility, innovation and customer-focus in the compliance scheme market. He took inspiration from the mobile phone market, which continues to provide a diverse range of pick-and-mix options for the customer, and built the original business on a commitment to provide flexible, friendly and tailored support for all clients.

Ecosurety is now one of the UK's fastest growing sustainable business companies. These days Steve is responsible for implementing new business structures as well as overseeing the acquisition of new business. He is passionate about bringing the latest business concepts from other markets and industries and applying them to the environmental sector for the benefit of clients.

Having studied BSc Environmental Engineering at the University of Cardiff, Steve has always been interested in improvements in environmental efficiency. Previous roles prior to setting up the business included a stint as commercial manager at Wales Environment Trust, and he was also MD for Recycling Market Services and MD for Compliance Wales.

When not working to improve his clients' environmental credentials, Steve enjoys cycling. Last year he cycled over 450 miles from Gloucestershire to Paris to raise money for the Royal British Legion. He also rides tandem bikes with visually impaired adults on weekend cycling trips from Bristol.

Louise Granville-Smith Chief Financial Officer
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Louise Granville-Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Having studied Mathematics and Statistics at Bath University a life of numbers in the big smoke beckoned and Lou studied for her Chartered Accountancy at Saffery Champness in the Business Advisory Group as an auditor. After qualifying, a nine month expedition to South America, Japan, Australia and South East Asia followed before Lou returned to the West Country where she had originally grown up.

After a spell at Lloyds banking group she took on the role of financial controller at Northcroft Construction Ltd, overseeing the implementation of new systems, a relocation of the finance team and numerous modernisation processes. A move to Matthew Clark as a Finance Manager gave Lou the additional commercial experience of working on acquisitions and new ventures alongside the Divisional MD before joining Ecosurety in March 2015.

Lou lives near the sea and enjoys walking and adventures with her husband and young daughter who keeps her busy.

Luke Wilson Compliance and Data Services Director
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Luke Wilson

Compliance and Data Services Director

As Compliance and Data Services Director, Luke is responsible for overseeing the end-to-end activity of Ecosurety and our clients’ data.

Having worked at Motability Operations, Lloyds banking group, Mitie and most recently at Triangle Information Management, Luke brings a wealth of expertise and experience in data and analytics.

Part of Luke’s role at Ecosurety will be overseeing the Compliance and data services team’s management of data from front-line systems and subsequent surfacing of insight via reports and dashboards for use by the business and our clients.

Luke holds an Applied Computing degree from the University of Dundee. He is passionate about learning and development and is honoured to have been instrumental in a previous team member’s achievement of their work ambitions. Some of Luke’s proudest achievements include building Lloyds bank’s commercial transaction classification system and the award-winning analytics tool ‘Mozaic’ at Mitie. He has also built a brand new consultancy business at Triangle working with some great brands particularly in charity and publishing.

When not being kept busy by his three children or playing a lot of football, Luke is a man of many talents. He has taught water sports and once dined with Sir Edmund Hillary! He also plays the guitar, writes music. Luke is also an avid fantasy football fan, writing and podcasting for ‘Fantasy Football Hub’.

Robbie Staniforth Innovation and Policy Director
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Robbie Staniforth

Innovation and Policy Director

As Innovation and Policy Director at Ecosurety, Robbie has spearheaded our growing portfolio of cross-industry innovation projects and is an established voice in the industry. He regularly uses his influence to communicate the importance of environmental responsibility to external stakeholders and advise policy makers both in the UK and abroad.

As a member of Ecosurety’s Board of Directors, Robbie is responsible for liaising with government, regulators, and industry organisations to articulate complex views and interests and provide high-level policy expertise, industry insight and market analysis to Ecosurety members – from global packaging producers operating in the UK, through to smaller producers.

Robbie's expertise has been recognised by governmental bodies, leading to his reappointment as an advisor to Defra on packaging and its role in society as part of the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP).

Additionally, Robbie has become a member of the steering committee which will help steer the Scheme Administrator for Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This is a newly formed group consisting of those in the industry and local government. They will have input and influence over key decisions surrounding how EPR regulations will work in the UK and the design of a system which will encourage more reuse and recycling.

Luke Hutchison People Director
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Luke Hutchison

People Director

Luke is our People Director, developing our staff and teams to ensure we are flexible and proactive for our members. He is passionate about enabling people to realise their full potential and protecting the environment, so naturally Ecosurety felt like a perfect fit.

With a masters degree in environmental engineering from Cardiff University, Luke previously worked in renewable energy and was a founding shareholder in one of the UK's biggest solar energy companies. His focus has always been on building and supporting teams, so it was a natural step that in 2010 he trained in human resource management. He has since worked as an HR director, consultant and mediator, specialising in employee relations and conflict resolution.

Outside of work he has a young family and has been teaching Iyengar yoga for over 10 years, so he likes to stay flexible in every sense!

Jon Brookes Partnerships Director
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Jon Brookes

Partnerships Director

As Partnerships Director, Jon is responsible for overseeing the sales, marketing and client services teams. Building strong relationships with industry and delivering business value to our members is paramount, with the ultimate goal of driving forward the positive impact Ecosurety has on increasing ethical and quality recycling. Fair to say he is a busy man!

Before joining the wonderful world of Ecosurety, Jon graduated from Cardiff University with BA Hons degree in History, before spending the next 10 years working for a major automotive company in the UK. Here he worked as part of the leadership team and as a consultant to major partners in the private and public sectors, with a particular focus on sustainable travel and achieving positive behavioural change in employee travel culture to reduce carbon emissions. It is here that Jon’s passion for sustainability initiatives blossomed, leading him to join Ecosurety where he could have even more of a positive impact on the environment.

Outside of work he’ll probably be found playing sport (particularly rugby, having played most of his life), possibly on a summer camping trip, occasionally watching live music at festivals or often socialising in restaurants with good friends and good food. Sounds like a healthy mix to us.

Gareth Morton Discovery Manager
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Gareth Morton

Discovery Manager

As the intriguingly named Discovery Manager, it’s Gareth’s role to manage a portfolio of infrastructure, innovation and education projects as part of Ecosurety’s mission to improve recycling in the UK. He’s passionate about recycling, having been in the industry since the early 1990s and has been involved in a number of innovative and game changing initiatives over the years.

Gareth has a BA in Geography and Public Media and joined Ecosurety in 2020 following a career in environmental communications and consultancy within the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. He has worked for Save Waste and Prosper, Resource Futures, Ricardo Energy and Environment and Eunomia Research and Consulting. A behaviour change specialist, he’s always recognised the critical importance of the human element in recycling schemes and services and his communications and engagement work has won industry awards.

Particularly innovative projects of Gareth’s include the development of Community Repaint’s national network and the Rethink Rubbish campaign which set the template for the Recycle Now campaign (which he also worked on!). He’s worked right across the waste materials spectrum from packaging waste to batteries, HHW and WEEE. He particularly likes the challenge and excitement of new ideas and trying new things.

Gareth is a Chartered Waste Manager and heavily involved in CIWM at national and regional levels. Outside work he likes nothing better than mountain walking and climbing (although a good beer comes close!). He’s never too far away from waste and recycling though - he’s been seen toting a bright orange wheelie bin up England 3rd highest mountain to raise money for charity and takes a litter picker whenever he goes out into the hills. As he says: “We need to be the change we want to see and every little bit helps”.

Stéphanie Housty Head of Marketing & Sustainability
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Stéphanie Housty

Head of Marketing & Sustainability

Stéphanie joined Ecosurety as marketing manager in 2015 after 15 years performing operational and strategical marketing roles in both B2C and B2B global businesses.

In addition to shaping the marketing and communication strategy, she is in charge of moving up the dial on Ecosurety’s social and environmental impact by driving the sustainability strategy.

She was behind Ecosurety becoming B Corp certified in 2020, meaning the company puts people and planet at the same level as profit. She leads the project for Ecosurety to become net zero by 2030.

Driven by her passion for behaviour change, she has worked on numerous consumer awareness campaigns to encourage citizens to reduce, reuse or recycle. Some campaigns she has been involved with are #Electric Avenue to encourage electricals repair & reuse, #LeedsByExample and #IntheLoop to boost on-the-go recycling, as well as #BringBackHeavyMetal and Don't Bin Your Batteries to increase portable batteries collections.

Julie McCarthy Quality Manager
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Julie McCarthy

Quality Manager

Julie leads the drive for quality at Ecosurety, and with her broad experience we know that we are in a very safe pair of hands! A background in chemistry and the petrochemical industry, working in a number of countries including the UK, South Africa and the Netherlands, has led Julie to specialise in quality management.

As a qualified ISO auditor she is responsible for managing and directing our ISO status, including our Quality Management System, Information Security Management System and our Business Continuity Management System. Additionally she ensures that external audits meet expected standards and that senior management undertakes periodic and regular assessments of customer satisfaction, with consequent improvements identified and implemented.

When Julie is not deep in quality management systems she enjoys nothing more than a good walk, run or swim, with a current focus on half-marathons. And when she is recuperating from all that, she’ll usually be found in a good book!

Anna Quantick Client Services Manager
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Anna Quantick

Client Services Manager


Anna has many years of account management and packaging data support experience with a huge variety of clients.

Having previously worked within the Client Services team and the Data team for a number of years, Anna has an enviable understanding of the nuances and minutiae of the packaging producer responsibility regulations. Anna has also had a period working for Defra as a Policy Advisor.

Now, in her role as Client Services Manager, Anna manages the client-facing side of Ecosurety, including our team of Account Managers who work side by side with our members. 

Not only do they ensure our members are compliant with the producer responsibility regulations, but also help to ease their transition into the future of EPR.

Anna graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in International Relations, specialising in UK anti-terrorism law. When not at work she is a keen club runner often racing and taking part in parkrun each weekend.


Alice Flavin Head of Business Development
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Alice Flavin

Head of Business Development

As Head of Business Development at Ecosurety, Alice oversees the business development team with a core focus on sustainable growth working with prospective clients and identifying key areas of opportunity to support brands and retailers with their compliance requirements and driving better quality, efficiencies and strategic insights with their packaging data.

As well as, growing the scheme, Alice is also involved in driving change by playing a key role in large scale and innovative projects, such as the Flexible Plastic Fund, bringing together large brands and retailers to make a pivotal impact to the recycling industry.

When not busy at work Alice can usually be found either in the gym, socialising with friends or travelling the world. 

Samantha Hardwell HR Manager
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Samantha Hardwell

HR Manager

Sam is HR Manager for Ecosurety, putting her years of HR experience to great use! She graduated from Cardiff University in 2008 with a degree in business management with a particular focus in human resources.

Sam started her HR career working for the International Baccalaureate. As an HR generalist she contributed to the provision of a professional service to staff and demonstrated her experience by achieving Associate membership of the CIPD. Sam joined Ecosurety at the beginning of 2015 and enjoys building practical and technical HR knowledge, fostering an environment that enables our team to perform at their best.

Outside of work Sam can be found spending time with family and friends, baking, or enjoying a good book (and shoe shopping!).

Kester Byass Lead Product Manager
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Kester Byass

Lead Product Manager

As Lead Product Manager, Kester leads the design and delivery of new customer services that help producers navigate the complexities of new legislation through data and insight.

With previous experience as a Key Account manager at Ecosurety, Kester has significant experience in helping our largest members manage their complex data requirements and PRN contributions. He also has valuable broader experience, having previously worked for Forum for the Future and various product management roles within energy companies and digital agencies, helping clients to get closer to their customers through insight, research and technology.

Outside of work, Kester loves nothing more than rolling around the skatepark with his young family, playing tennis or cricket when the sun is out, or making his own pizza dough when it's not.

Abigail Warren Head of Client Services
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Abigail Warren

Head of Client Services

Abigail joined Ecosurety in 2015 and is now Head of Client Services, ensuring our team provide valuable support to our clients and look for additional value we can add beyond compliance. She graduated in 2014 with a BSc in Environmental Studies from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. Her degree is a reflection of her passion for environmental issues, which were evoked while growing up surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of New England.

In her spare time Abigail can often be found on her yoga mat or camping somewhere in the countryside. She loves nothing more than being in the great outdoors, hiking, cooking and being surrounded by family and friends.

James Champ Lead Compliance Data Manager
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James Champ

Lead Compliance Data Manager

Following a brief career in the legal industry, James joined the compliance team in August 2012, and since has undertaken a variety of roles in account management and scheme operations.

He now holds the role of Lead Compliance Data Manager where he is responsible for ensuring Ecosurety and its members are compliant across the packaging, WEEE and batteries regulations. In addition, he also leads our technical service delivery team who support clients with various data projects and international compliance activities.

James has a black belt in lean six sigma and uses his experience to improve operational efficiencies and enhance Ecosurety’s role in supporting producers with their compliance responsibilities.

Outside of work James likes to cook and spend time out with his family and two cocker spaniels.


Fergus Mooney Data Team Manager
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Fergus Mooney

Data Team Manager

As our Data Team Manager, Fergus leads our data specialists to ensure we meet the growing demand for data management services for both technical and regulatory compliance projects. This includes bespoke project work for our members covering EPR legislation and the Plastic Packaging Tax.

Leading the charge in data insights and visualisation, Fergus and the data team not only ensure our members have full visibility of what they are placing on the market, but most importantly provide insights that inform them where to take action to most efficiently reduce their environmental and producer obligation impacts.

Having studied Environmental Management to Masters level and with a background in biological sciences, Fergus puts his analytical and research skills to good use through various market intelligence projects. He is also a Carbon Literacy Certified Facilitator, helping to deliver our bespoke Carbon Literacy training to members. When not at work he has a penchant for outdoor pursuits, particularly climbing rocks.

Victoria Baker Discovery Manager
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Victoria Baker

Discovery Manager

Victoria is our Discovery Manager. As a previous Account Manager and Procurement Manager, she is well placed to use her experience with our key and engaged members to grow interest in voluntary recycling and sustainability schemes, using her skills in building good business relationships with stakeholders throughout the industry.

Vicki has previously worked in events marketing and the charity sector, helping to fundraise for Alzheimer’s and dementia causes across the UK and abroad. After studying for a BA and MA in Literature, Arts and Culture, it is no surprise that she has a strong interest in being creative, keeping busy in her spare time with various projects including painting and making her own clothes. Outside of work, Vicki is training to be an Art Psychotherapist, and is able to use her learning here to contribute to our thriving Wellbeing Team. 

Louisa Goodfellow Policy Manager
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Louisa Goodfellow

Policy Manager

As Policy Manager, Louisa provides key support to our team, including preparing reports on environmental policy issues and maintaining awareness of new developments. As such she will often be found coordinating responses to policy consultations, advocating policy positions and providing internal guidance to current legislation.

Louisa’s interest in policy research and analysis was ignited during higher education. After completing an Environmental sustainability degree at the University of Leeds Louisa undertook a research Masters in Sustainability at the University of Bristol that included a dissertation on international forestry policy frameworks.

She has previously worked in the research department for a healthcare research charity where she helped to coordinate responses to national surveys and she also completed a communications internship with a charity undertaking reforestation projects in 2017.

When she is not absorbed in the wonderful world of producer responsibility policy developments, Louisa can often be found enjoying a good book and she has a love of travelling, festivals and going to the theatre. She also enjoys running and often volunteers with Oxfam at the weekends.

Nigel Ransom Head of Procurement
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Nigel Ransom

Head of Procurement


As Head of Procurement, Nigel and his team are responsible for buying PRNs for all Ecosurety scheme members. He undertakes market research and data analysis and makes informed decisions for the benefit of members. Nigel enjoys helping companies and teams to develop and grow processes, analysis and delivery.


Nigel has an Aerospace Engineering degree and MBA. With over 20 years spent in consultancy and operational roles across a diverse range of businesses, Nigel has worked with many high profile companies such as BP, Shell, BAE Systems, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Nationwide Building Society.


Outside of work, Nigel enjoys a range of hobbies including singing choral music, dancing Salsa and Bachata, running half marathons and cycling.

Sam Marshall PRN Buyer
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Sam Marshall

PRN Buyer

Sam is responsible for buying PRNs for all Ecosurety scheme members. She supports Nigel, Ecosurety's Head of Procurement, in developing the buying strategy, undertaking marketing and data analysis, and working closely with our suppliers. Her favourite aspect of the role is fostering new relationships and working with other teams in the business.

Sam has a degree in History from Cardiff University. She has worked in retail buying for a number of years including at WH Smiths group. She has a great deal of experience working in a variety of categories from alcohol and flowers, to kettles and toasters!

Most of Sam's free time is taken up by her very active young son and two border terriers, but she also loves football and NFL. She's recently found a love for competing in Hyrox (Crossfit-based fitness) with her husband and likes to keep fit with local 5 & 10Ks.

Stuart Woodham Auditor
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Stuart Woodham


Stuart coordinates and delivers our audit programme, which helps our members verify the accuracy of their data to ensure that their obligation calculations meet regulatory standards. To achieve this he works closely with our members and the wider team through a combination of on-site visits and desktop number-crunching.

His first degree was in environmental pollution science, followed by a Master’s degree in environmental economics, which led him to work with regulatory bodies assessing the costs and benefits of industrial pollution control. Stuart has also worked with manufacturing companies, helping them improve their resource efficiency, and hotels abroad to improve the environmental impact of mass tourism.

More recently Stuart has built up experience in specialist waste and resources consultancy for the private sector, NGOs and government. His research projects, auditing and practical guidance development covered the broad themes of auditing, resource efficiency, carbon foot printing, waste management and government regulation.

When Stuart isn’t neck-deep in data, he can generally be found somewhere in the big outdoors …and travelling at speed – on his surfboard, on his mountain bike, or with his wife on their candy green tandem bicycle ‘Esmeralda’.

Colin Porter Scheme Operations Lead
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Colin Porter

Scheme Operations Lead

Colin joined in October 2011 and is now our Scheme Operations Lead. He's involved in operational planning and coordination for the scheme compliance regulation across all regulations and his impressive level of experience and expertise ensure that our scheme submissions are accurate and timely.

Colin has an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management a BSc in Environmental Sciences and a BA in Business Enterprise.

Away from the office, Colin really is an iron man! He competes at amateur level in a number of multi-sport events for his local triathlon club: at the last count he'd completed eight Ironman distance triathlons, including the European Long Course Championships in 2013. Colin also likes nothing more than spending a quiet evening in with Mrs Porter.

Katie Nairne International project manager
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Katie Nairne

International project manager

Katie manages our expert international compliance services to help ensure our members are compliant with recycling legislation overseas. She has a sharp pair of eyes too, having previously qualified not only as a chartered legal executive but also in PRINCE2 and APM project management. When the devil is in the detail, Katie ensures nothing is missed!

In previous employment Katie specialised in medical negligence law, representing patients and their families in high-value cases for some of the UK’s leading law firms. Government changes in funding prompted a career move and she decided to use her valuable skills in the environmental compliance industry. When not at work Katie helps to project manage the archives of Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust as a volunteer, and enjoys a cultural mix of travel, socialising and classic cinema.


Jessica Barton Head of Data & Analytics
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Jessica Barton

Head of Data & Analytics

As Head of Data & Analytics Jess is responsible for coordinating the development of Ecosurety's data services to help deliver better outcomes for members through data and insights.  

Jess brings broad experience in data and project management from her previous role in consultancy, specialising in data and analytics. Her previous work spans data strategy projects for large multi-national organisations; insights projects; and software and data infrastructure builds across retail, finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and transport. She also has a background in public policy, focussing on corporate governance and ESG. 

Jess graduated from Durham University with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Outside of work, she can be found out in the hills either walking or cycling with friends or with local clubs.

Leonnie Matthew Senior Partnerships Manager
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Leonnie Matthew

Senior Partnerships Manager

Leonnie brings many years of account management experience, having previously worked in the print and design industry managing various blue-chip clients and major brands. In her role as Senior Partnerships Manager at Ecosurety she liaises directly with our members, doing everything she can to help them comply with the packaging regulations and much more besides. She is also currently studying for a marketing qualification in her spare time which will certainly add a useful extra skillset, helping us to communicate our impact beyond compliance to our members.

Outside of work Leonnie loves socialising, keeping active, dogs and mac ‘n’ cheese. The one thing she passionately hates is bananas. We won’t hold it against her.


Sarah Farmer Senior Partnerships Manager
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Sarah Farmer

Senior Partnerships Manager

As a Senior Partnerships Manager, Sarah works closely with our larger members to ensure they are fully compliant with packaging regulations and also ready for the transition into the new world of Extended Producer Responsibility.

Before joining our team, Sarah achieved a degree in Anthropology and has a particular interest in human interaction with the wider environment. A career highlight so far has been both starting and selling her own business, a café in Bristol.

Her main loves are food, eating out and cooking, balanced with being active and a keen skier, runner, and gym goer. Not only that, but she is also a trained yoga teacher.

Sophie Clelland Partnerships manager
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Sophie Clelland

Partnerships manager

Sophie's main focus is managing WEEE compliance, especially within the B2B sector. In her role she ensures members remain compliant, provides essential training and gives advice on scoping. With extensive customer service experience, she is always on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Sophie previously studied a degree in Human Geography at Newcastle University and enjoys travelling, baking and a good book. She is also impressively fluent in British Sign Language.

Ian Madle Partnerships Manager
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Ian Madle

Partnerships Manager

Ian helps our members comply with packaging regulations, whilst also identifying ways to make an impact on UK recycling.

Prior to starting with Ecosurety Ian gained a wealth of account management experience, having spent three years as a membership manager for Bristol Pound, the local currency project, where he was also heavily involved in the development of the follow up called Bristol Pay. Prior to that he spent three years working in the wholefoods & organic foods industry as an account manager. He also has a degree in history and is trained in project management.

His main hobby is fitness – enjoying calisthenics, running, cycling, and yoga. He enjoys spending time in the countryside and regularly goes hiking and camping, all the better if combined with a visit to a site of historical interest. He is also a qualified sailing instructor and has completed some epic sailing trips, including Bristol to Bordeaux.

Ryan Pedley Partnerships Manager
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Ryan Pedley

Partnerships Manager

As part of the Client Services Team Ryan builds key relationships with our members, ensuring they are up to speed on their producer responsibility requirements and providing support to analyse and validate their data submissions so they are compliant with regulations.

Ryan brings a huge amount of customer service experience to his role at Ecosurety, having previously worked for a major utility company. He also helped to deliver the 2021 Census and the NHS Track and Trace services. With a first class degree in philosophy Ryan is keen to see how this can influence his work – he will no doubt be applying his well-practiced logic and reasoning skills to tricky scoping queries from our members!

He has a keen interest in cooking and reading and is a self-confessed fair-weather football fan. He also likes to get involved in charity initiatives and local community projects where possible.

Joe Ledbury Partnerships Manager
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Joe Ledbury

Partnerships Manager

Joe joined us from a background in field marketing, where he spent six years helping to implement and audit Point Of Sale for major brands and film studios within their key retailers. He brings his data reporting skills to Ecosurety, where he helps review and manage the compliance obligations of his packaging members.

Joe has a First-Class Degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Warwick, and a Distinction for his follow up MA in Writing. Joe continued to write plays after graduating and was a winner of the Tobacco Factory’s Script Space prize in 2012, with several plays staged since.

Outside of work, Joe has a busy home life, and can often be spotted running through Bedminster in South Bristol with his two daughters and an overspilling pram. He plays the piano quite well and the guitar quite badly. He can juggle, recite the alphabet backwards, make origami frogs, and solve a Rubix cube in under 2 minutes. He is available for parties and social events.


Jennifer Malone Account manager
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Jennifer Malone

Account manager

In her role as Account Manager, Jennifer cultivates deep relationships with Ecosurety members, ensuring that the complex world of packaging legislation is easily understood, and providing support with data analysis to ensure compliance with PRN and EPR regulations. 

Jennifer is actively engaged with our Wellbeing team and places significant importance on ensuring that both colleagues and Ecosurety members feel well-supported in their roles.

Jennifer holds a BSc in International Business with French and is currently pursuing a part-time Master’s by Research in Global Environmental Challenges at the University of Bristol. Throughout her career, Jennifer has worked in Paris, Belfast and Bristol, gaining experience in Finance, Translation, and Account Management.

Outside of work, Jennifer is a keen swimmer and enjoys hiking, camping, and painting.

Emma Ahmed Preuss Account Manager
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Emma Ahmed Preuss

Account Manager

In her role as account manager, Emma maintains and builds relationships with our members. She provides support, ensuring regulation compliance is as straightforward as possible so members can understand and fulfil their responsibilities.

After achieving her English degree, Emma has worked supporting teenagers with disabilities, in food marketing and supporting charitable links between the UK and The Gambia. She then moved to Bristol where she has worked for a large coffee and food tech company for several years, building considerable experience in account management across a range of industries. As a strong supporter of changing environmental policy for the better, she is happy to bring her strengths to a sector where she can improve accountability and be part of change for the better.

Outside of work, she is a theatre fan, intermittent bookworm and painter. Emma also enjoys travel both in the UK and abroad. As a bit of a foodie, she is always happy to investigate what tasty treats Bristol has to offer!

Natalie McCready Procurement coordinator
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Natalie McCready

Procurement coordinator

Natalie is a key member of the procurement team providing support for the group procurement manager for the Packaging scheme. She previously worked in the collections team overseeing the day to day running of the WEEE and battery collections.

Natalie has vast experience liaising with customers and suppliers, and she has a keen eye for detail. Her coordinator skills have been honed over the years working in retail, customer service within the insurance and legal world and for the Highways England Regional Control Centre.

When not in work Natalie loves exploring the world in all its wonderment, ideally watching sunsets on the beach while drinking beer with friends. She is also a huge fan of sloths.

Stephanie Bye Client Services Administrator
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Stephanie Bye

Client Services Administrator

Stephanie is one of our Client Service Administrators who along with Natalie looks after our Basic Membership Members.

Stephanie has a First-Class Degree in Make-up and Hair from Southampton Solent University. As well as make-up and hair, she studied editorial writing, photography and postproduction. 

Stephanie then freelanced as a Make-up Artist being a calming and supportive presence to anxious brides on their wedding day. Alongside this, she was a part of the management team in retail stores MAC Cosmetics and Peloton. 

Leaving retail management, Stephanie became a prospect relationship builder instigating contracts in the healthcare, education and construction industries and later became an Account Manager for a Wiltshire based wooden pallet company.

With Ecosurety, Stephanie moved to Bristol and in her spare time she can be found on a spin bike, yoga mat, socialing with friends and family or cuddling with her cats and dog. 

Natalie Quaynor Client Services Administrator
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Natalie Quaynor

Client Services Administrator

Say hello to Natalie, our wonderful Client Service Administrator at Ecosurety, working to oversee the Accounts Helpdesk Inbox, ensuring top-tier support for our Basic Members.

Natalie's journey began with a passion for understanding people, nurtured during her time studying Psychology at the University of Worcester. From there, she's ventured into roles touching the lives of others, whether it's through her work with the National Probation Service or her heartfelt dedication as a Domestic Violence Support Officer.

But Natalie's not just about work. When she's not busy helping others, you'll find her soaking up the simple joys of life, surrounded by her loving family and friends. Whether it's a cosy night in or a spontaneous outing, Natalie knows that the best moments are the ones shared with those who matter most.

With her genuine warmth and down-to-earth approach, Natalie is always ready to lend a helping hand and spread a little bit of kindness wherever she goes.

Kathryn Morgan Finance assistant
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Kathryn Morgan

Finance assistant

Kath joined the team in 2015 as a finance assistant and is responsible for making sure we pay people on time! As such she will often be found chasing up invoices, purchase orders and managers to help keep the wheels in motion.

When not at work Kath enjoys a heady mix of family, friends, football, rugby, good food and wine – sounds like fun to us!



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