Extended Producer Responsibility

EPR is coming. Find out here all you need to know for your business to be prepared ahead of the legislation changes.

What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

EPR is a regulatory tool that requires producers to be significantly responsible for their post-consumer product. This responsibility can be fulfilled through financial payments or by undertaking physical collections. The aim of EPR frameworks is to incentivise more sustainable product design, increase re-use and recycling, and boost collection rates - and it is set to impact packaging, batteries and WEEE producers in the UK.

EPR is coming - are you prepared?

The UK does not yet have comprehensive EPR systems in place, but that is set to change. Currently, there are producer responsibility systems for packaging, batteries and waste electricals whereby producers are required to buy recycling evidence based on their placed on market data. In the Resources and Waste Strategy government committed to significant EPR interventions for packaging and to also consult on EPR for WEEE, batteries and five other waste streams – textiles, fishing equipment, bulky waste, construction waste and vehicle tyres.

Packaging EPR

Extended producer responsibility is bringing a raft of new measures for packaging producers, including a plastic packaging tax, a deposit return scheme and modulated fees. Are you prepared?

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Plastic Packaging Tax

All businesses manufacturing or importing plastic packaging must keep records and notify liability when certain conditions are met.

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Batteries EPR

You will be affected by batteries Extended Producer Responsibility changes if you are a producer or distributor of batteries in the UK. Make sure you stay informed.

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If you are a producer or distributor of WEEE you will be affected by future Extended Producer Responsibility changes. This includes manufacturers, re-branders, importers, distance sellers and retailers. Make sure your business is prepared.

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New waste stream EPR

Defra committed to review and consult on Extended Producer Responsibility and product standards for five new waste streams including tyres, mattresses and bulky waste by the end of 2025. Find out if you may be impacted.

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