We proactively support new ideas and emerging technology.

Recycling technology often needs to catch up with demand.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But when it comes to transforming recycling in the UK, so too is support and funding from Ecosurety. We support and invest in emerging innovations to help them transition from theory to reality, helping to solve the most pressing issues in the world of recycling.


Recycling plastic packaging contaminated with residual food waste - winner of the 2022 Ecosurety Exploration Fund

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Accelerating flexible plastic film recycling - winner of the 2020 Ecosurety Exploration Fund

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Closing the loop on lithium-ion batteries - winner of the 2020 Ecosurety Exploration Fund.

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Cutting edge ‘tag and trace’ household recycling technology.

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£0.8m research project to remove pigment in problematic mixed coloured rigid recyclates.

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BOSS technology transforms low value mixed plastic waste into a 98% pure material, producing new UK PRNs in the process.

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Impact Innovations project

We have partnered with a product development and technology incubator to support and invest in innovative recycling technology R&D

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