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International compliance

Understanding your international obligations

Producer responsibility legislation for WEEE, batteries and packaging comes from EU Directives and therefore similar legislation exists in all European countries.

If your business operates from or sells goods to another European country, you may have to register, report sales and take back waste there too - similar to your obligations in the UK.

Does European compliance apply to your organisation?

Have a look at the questions below – these are the most likely scenarios that could apply to your business. If you answer “yes” to one or more, this could mean that you have an obligation under the regulations in other European countries.

Do you sell directly to customers in another EU country, via an online store or mail order?
You may be obligated, as you are putting products on the market for the first time.

Do you have a legal presence in another EU country?
You may be obligated, as you could be considered the importer of your products.

Do you offer delivery to customers in Europe on your website?
You may be obligated, as in some European countries the simple offering or advertising of a product qualifies as an obligation criteria.

How we can help you comply

Our International Compliance Management (ICM) service

We understand that a multitude of regulations and reporting requirements in other countries can be a bit daunting.

We have first-hand knowledge of requirements, data submissions and contacts to national authorities - the level and type of support we provide is flexible depending on your company’s needs. We typically:

Research your obligations and requirements

  1. Contacting the relevant national registers to confirm your obligations
  2. Providing you with an easy to read summary of what is required in each country

 Develop your compliance processes

  1. Discussing your compliance options with you, so you get the best national support suited to your requirements

 Train and empower

  1. Providing in-house training to contacts within your business on preparing various different data submissions
  2. Monitoring your data submissions in a centralized data management system
  3. Preparing you for audits
  4. Giving you confidence that you are legally compliant outside of the UK and not at risk from litigation, financial penalties or damage to your brand through non-compliance
  5. Keep you updated with the latest regulatory developments

Summary of key international compliance services

Our European compliance services includes:


  • Regulatory overview and guidance on threshold assessments
  • Impact assessment based upon how your business operates
  • Training and development of local representatives

Operational support

  • Hands-on coordination and monitoring of reporting and registrations
  • Local compliance management, email reminders and guidance for each country representative
  • Data management and quality checks
  • Group compliance status reported to head office

What to do next

Contact Ecosurety for a completely tailored review of your obligations, and support services we can offer.

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