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Investing in diverting plastic from landfill

Measurable and ethical recycling

Over the last eight years Plastic Expert has worked hard to divert plastic from landfill and incineration. Ecosurety has supported their business for several years through PRN investments, support that has enabled them to employ six new members of staff and purchase new equipment to process an additional 1,500 tonnes of material per year.
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Providing marketing investment

Having established a new network of regional collectors and collection centres, in 2018 Ecosurety directly invested over £10,000 to enable Plastic Expert to more effectively market their services, with the aim of capturing an extra 500 tonnes of material per month that was destined for landfill or incineration.

Boosting new business

Launched in December 2018, their new, optimised website has resulted in a 450% increase in visits with users spending 64% longer on the site. A new team member has also been hired to focus on new business acquisition. This has translated into a significant increase in new business, already achieving at least ten high quality leads per week.

Targeting niche waste streams

Plastic Expert continue to regularly produce new online content and undertake website optimisation on a monthly basis to target specific, niche waste streams in various locations across the UK. In this way they are able to utilise their network of regional collectors to collectively process ever greater amounts of waste that was previously not recycled, creating more new recycling evidence for Ecosurety members.
"Ecosurety's investment in our marketing project has put Plastic Expert in front of many more waste producers all over the UK, enabling us to engage directly with them to not only reduce their environmental impact but deliver financial savings." Kevin Basham Photo Kevin Basham Co-founder and director, Plastic Expert

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