Ecosurety unveils packaging EPR resource to help confused producers

The Ecosurety Hub website includes free access to comprehensive knowledge articles, videos and webinar recordings to help all producers get to grips with their new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements.

New packaging EPR requirements began on 1 January 2023 and impact all UK organisations handling or supplying packaging. Obligated organisations are required to collect detailed data about their packaging throughout the calendar year, and depending on their size, may also face extensive financial obligations. The first data reporting deadline for large organisations is October this year.

The new EPR measures are set to raise system costs from several million to £1.6bn, with lowered obligation thresholds; meaning thousands of previously unobligated organisations will be pulled into the system for the first time. Despite this, awareness and understanding of the complex new requirements is low, with frustration and confusion expressed about the fragmented and delayed information released by government.

A comprehensive resource

The Ecosurety Hub is a website that has been made available to help all packaging producers get to grips with the new EPR legislation. It contains comprehensive and digestible knowledge articles, bite-sized videos and live webinar recordings, including:

  • Identifying if packaging EPR applies to your organisation
  • Understanding liabilities, costs and data requirements
  • How to prepare for packaging EPR
  • Embedding packaging EPR into your strategy
  • Guidance on best practices for data collection
  • Added insight and advice from Ecosurety

More content, covering various other topics around EPR is also available on the hub to help producers on their journey to compliance.

Initially launched to Ecosurety members exclusively, the hub has proved to be a valuable resource to help the members to understand the complexities of EPR regulations. But after the widespread confusion expressed by packaging producers throughout the UK, Ecosurety opted to provide the resource for free to all producers, for a limited period, to ensure EPR readiness for all UK packaging producers.

In order to help accelerate change to a more sustainable world, the Hub also includes guest content from packaging consultancy Root Innovation, to help organisations shift from single-use to refillable and reusable packaging.

Navigate the complex landscape of EPR

Will Ghali, CEO of Ecosurety, commented “At Ecosurety, we understand the challenges that UK packaging producers face in complying with the new EPR requirements.

“The Ecosurety Hub is our contribution to helping producers to gain comprehensive knowledge that can help them navigate the complex landscape of packaging EPR. Our goal is to accelerate change towards a more sustainable world by supporting packaging producers to understand their obligations, reduce their environmental impact, and ultimately achieve compliance with the new regulations."

Request a free trial now

Any packaging producer can request a free trial of the hub website to gain access to over 70 different knowledge resources until 30 June 2023, by visiting hub.ecosurety.com.

Written by Mma-tshepo Grobler Published 30/03/2023 Topics Ecosurety
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