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At the beginning of April, some of the ecosurety team went along to the trade/professionals morning at Gadget Show Live to get a feel for the latest trends and products set to hit the technology marketplace.

We discovered some amazing new technology and also gained an insight into the general awareness levels of the WEEE regulations within the world of the tech start-up.

Connected living

Almost every stand had on display at least one product that conveyed ‘connected living’. Whether it was a watch, thermostat, bike or surround-sound system; these products could connect to your smart phone or computer and feed real-time information back to a co-developed app or program.

Gtech electric bicycle

The idea is to enable more control. Smart Home Equipment is a great case in point. On display were systems that could be pre-programmed to put the heating on at a given time, or set your lights to come on in sequence to make it look like you were at home. Together with virtual reality headsets, these were the most promoted technologies at the show.

A large number of the products on show also looked subtle and concealed their technological capability within their design. This theme was seen through watches, display projectors, bikes, scooters and clocks. Neat, subtle products designed to make our lives easier is the way forward it seems.

WEEE awareness

Gadget Show Live, to its credit, was keen to promote the UK as a creative hub for entrepreneurs, engineers and innovators. It even ran a competition for best new product, which was won by an inventor who had brought a product idea to reality.

Interestingly, many of the new start-ups we spoke to were aware of WEEE regulations, but less so on what they needed to do to actually comply. With new tech start-ups and products appearing so often, it is important to remember that no matter the company size, registration is required within 28 days of an electronic product being placed on the market.

Tricky WEEE categorisation

From a compliance perspective these new tech products clearly come under the scope of the WEEE Regulations, but as they are so new it is difficult to determine which WEEE category they should be reported under. For example, would a VR headset be classified as display equipment or consumer equipment? Or would a smart metering kit be classified as measuring & monitoring equipment or display equipment as it comes with a monitor?

For new tech products where the WEEE reporting category isn’t clear we’re happy to help with scoping recommendations and also to question the Environment Agency anonymously on behalf of producers. 

If your company places tech products onto the UK market, contact us to run through how the WEEE Regulations may impact your business by calling 0845 094 2228 or email WEEE@ecosurety.com

Robert Watts

Business development specialist

Rob joined Ecosurety as a graduate and now performs the role of business development specialist. In this role Rob expertly explains the intricacies of the producer responsibility legislation to unregistered companies and potential members on a daily basis, making the complex perfectly understandable! Rob is also our go-to-man for preparing proposals and those all-important internal reports and presentations. And we must mention that he is also the current Ecosurety badminton champion!

Written by
Robert Watts
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