Packaging Scheme Forum

Helping to improve packaging compliance regulation and enforcement in the UK

Providing a broad collective voice

Established in 2018 by Ecosurety and 44 other registered packaging compliance schemes, the Packaging Scheme Forum (PSF) provides a broad voice to foster open and collaborative dialogue between industry bodies and government to help improve packaging compliance regulation and enforcement in the UK. It represents 93% of registered producers and 97% of producers registered with compliance schemes across a range of industry groups and is collectively responsible for 7 million tonnes of recycling and packaging waste each year.
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Members of the PSF include:

Biffa Waste Services Ltd

Clarity Environmental Ltd

Co2 Compliance Ltd

Comply Direct Ltd

Complypak Ltd

Ecosurety Ltd


Integra Compliance Ltd

Kite Environmental Solutions Ltd

NIPAK (Scotland) Ltd


Onepack Compliance Ltd

Packcare Ltd

Paperpak Ltd

Pennine-Pack Ltd



Properpak (Scotland) Ltd 

Properpak Ltd

Recycle Wales Ltd

Recycle-Pak (Scotland) Ltd

Recycle-Pak Ltd


Smart Comply Ltd

SWS Compak Ltd

Synergy Compliance Ltd

Toddpak Ltd

Valpak Ltd

Veolia Environmental Services

Wastepack Group Ltd

Wastepack Ltd

Influencing the decision making process

The industry and compliance scheme members are facing significant changes and the aim of the PSF is to provide feedback, guidance and advice to influence the regulatory decision-making process. The PSF has considerable expertise and experience of the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations and collectively it is ideally placed to liaise with Defra and the enforcement agencies.

PSF warns Defra of looming PRN crisis

In June 2019 the PSF sent a letter to Thérèse Coffey, Defra’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary, to explain the increasing likelihood that the UK will fail to meet its 2019 recycling targets. The letter goes onto suggest that government implement a fall-back position in the form of a compliance fee to prevent mass non-compliance, for schemes or producers who are unable to procure sufficient recycling evidence by the end of the year.
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"The members of the PSF have considerable expertise from operating with the existing Packaging Waste Regulations. We look forward to working collaboratively with Government so the best results for the UK’s industry, producers and our environment are secured.” Robbie Staniforth Photo Robbie Staniforth Chair, Packaging Scheme Forum

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