School recycling workshops

Crown Packaging worked with Ecosurety to invest a proportion of their PRN spend into school workshops

Impactful PRN investment

Crown Packaging are a valued member of Ecosurety who work hard to lower their impact on the environment. To help them ensure that their packaging obligations are working just as hard, we helped them invest their PRN spend into recycling awareness workshops with a local school.

Crown's environmental efforts are impressive - whilst beverage can production has increased by 50% (approximately 21 billion cans) over the last 10 years, Crown has achieved significant reductions in several key environmental metrics including a 4% decrease in aluminium usage, a 10% decrease in direct greenhouse gas emissions and a 49% decrease in waste to landfill.

It was only natural that we helped them find a tangible impact for their PRN spend too. By choosing exactly where their PRN money goes Crown could fund a specific project that was aligned with their business and sustainability goals. In this manner we collaborated with one of their main suppliers to help raise awareness about the importance of recycling metal packaging - Crown's primary product.


In collaboration with


crown tats steel logos

The workshops were run in collaboration with the education outreach team from one of Crown's main suppliers, Tata Steel.


Inspiring the younger generation

Skegby Academy School visited the Crown Aerosols manufacturing plant in Sutton in Ashfield to take part in two workshops run by Tata Steel.

The interactive and fun workshops have helped to inspire the younger generation who can now take the important message about metal recycling home, teaching the year 7 children about the benefits of steel as a packaging material, why it is so sustainable and how it can be recycled into new products. This was implemented through a mixture of engaging presentations, video and interactive games.


        Tata Steel education workshops

“This was our first chance to enhance our own sustainability program by investing PRN money into a real project within the environmental field.” Elaine Barrett Photo Elaine Barrett Environment Manager, Crown Packaging

What impact can your PRNs make?

PRN spend shouldn’t only be viewed as a way to offset environmental obligations, as this project with Crown Packaging proves. There is great potential to transparently make an impact on recycling through direct investment in specific projects. Talk to us today if you are a producer or recycler looking to identify opportunities with your PRNs.
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