Cancer Research UK battery collections

Boosting cancer research and battery collections

Taking charge of battery collections

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer research charity dedicated to saving lives through research, with charity stores located across the UK that are visited by 15 million customers annually. We helped set up a new battery collection point in every store to make battery recycling available to all customers, but it's not just about the infrastructure - we committed to ensure the collections are a real success with a financial reward for the charity and a consumer awareness campaign.

An inexcusable waste

95% of portable batteries placed on the market by weight are household batteries, yet year after year they make up less than a third of the batteries collected for recycling. The result? Thousands of used portable household batteries are either hoarded in homes or disposed of in general waste and sent to landfill, where they leach toxic chemicals into the environment. Not recycling them is simply an inexcusable waste of valuable resources.
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Increasing recycling and cancer research

We provided a bespoke, branded solution of floor standing collection tubes for superstores and counter top collection tubs where space is limited for smaller stores. In all, 600 new battery collection points are now available to communities across the UK. We also committed to donate £100 to the charity for every tonne of batteries collected - incentivising stores to promote battery collections and consumers with another way to raise money for the charity. It all adds up to more batteries recycled and more funding for Cancer Research UK.
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Targeted social media promotion

It is notoriously difficult to increase recycling by telling people to recycle more. That's why we invested in engaging consumers directly through social media to inform them that by taking their old batteries to a local Cancer Research UK store they can not only help the environment, but also help boost funding for research into cancer. A real win-win.
"We’re delighted to have the expertise and support of Ecosurety to help us make it easier for 600 communities across the UK to recycle their batteries and beat cancer at the same time." Josephine Mewett Head of retail operations, Cancer Research UK

We can help you boost battery collections

Our team can provide various battery collection solutions for UK-wide chain stores, fully branded to your specifications and with tailored collection arrangements. Talk to our team about your requirements to get the conversation started.
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