Business Green Week: Day one - thinking global with a pop-up cinema

It’s Big Green Week here in Bristol and there are fun, educational, and inspiring events happening all over the city.

Business Green Week, part of the Big Green Week, encourages businesses to make small changes to be more sustainable and we just had to get involved - not only is it a chance to have thought-provoking conversations with your colleagues, it can also be fun too! Each day of the week holds a different theme and we have come up with some exciting ideas for bringing those topics to life.

Do you 'think global'?

Today’s theme is ‘Think Global’, and we kicked off the week with an event for the whole team. During our lunch break we turned our boardroom into a pop-up cinema, it certainly drew a crowd and made for a stimulating lunch break! We screened a great TED talk by Leyla Acaroglu called ‘Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore’ (you can watch the video at the bottom of this blog). 

The talk was about the common misconceptions around the environmental impact of the choices we make in our everyday lives. It started off with a decision most of us are faced with daily while shopping: paper or plastic? Leyla discussed the necessity of life-cycle assessments to be able to answer these questions with certainty of the environmental impact. The main takeaway from the talk was that the design of a product is crucial in ensuring that the consumer creates the smallest environmental impact during its use, and that what you think is the obvious choice for the environment is not necessarily the best one...

Not your average lunch break

The talk sparked very interesting discussions among the team as we were faced with the challenges consumers must undertake in order to combat our personal carbon footprint. Greg Challis, who enjoyed the screening, said “The content of the TED Talk raised some difficult questions for the group surrounding the situation the Western world finds itself in, particularly the self-inflicted reliance of over-the-top consumerism. The discussion that followed provoked topics ranging from the British people ‘over filling kettles’, to the daunting undertaking of changing our buying behaviour. Not your average 30 minute lunch break.”

Follow our journey this week as we make small changes each day towards lowering our environmental impact and raising awareness. Tomorrow’s theme is ‘Think Local’ and we have a fun challenge in store for our staff! Come back to read how we encourage them to ‘sow the seeds of change’.

Watch 'Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore':

Abigail Warren

Head of Client Services

Abigail joined Ecosurety in 2015 and is now Client services manager, ensuring our team provide valuable support to our clients and look for additional value we can add beyond compliance. She graduated in 2014 with a BSc in Environmental Studies from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. Her degree is a reflection of her passion for environmental issues, which were evoked while growing up surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of New England.

Written by Abigail Warren Published 13/06/2016 Topics Ecosurety

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