Ecosurety and Cancer Research UK give battery recycling and cancer research a boost

Ecosurety pledges to make financial donation to Cancer Research UK for every tonne of batteries collected through their stores.

A new recycling collaboration which seeks to boost UK battery recycling rates whilst providing vital funds for cancer research, has been launched by Ecosurety and Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading cancer research charity dedicated to saving lives through research.

Households can now take their used batteries to one of the collection points in Cancer Research UK’s 600 stores across the UK, including 24 Cancer Research UK superstores located in retail parks.

CRUK storeThe Cancer Research UK Marylebone premium concept store

The designated collection points, which will be visible to the 15 million customers that visit Cancer Research UK stores annually, will be collected for recycling by Ecosurety, who have committed to donate £100 for every tonne of batteries collected to the charity. A social media awareness campaign will be run by both parties to support the initiative early next year.

Vital need to increase battery recycling

While the average number of battery-operated devices owned per UK household has risen exponentially over the last decade, recycling rates have struggled to follow the same pattern. In the UK, portable household batteries account for around 95% of batteries placed on the market, but still comprise only 25% of the total collected annually for recycling.

Recognising the vital need for initiatives to increase battery recycling rates in the UK, Ecosurety has established a number of successful battery recycling partnerships with leading UK retailers including Lidl, Poundland and Home Bargains. Over the last two years, these partnerships have enabled Ecosurety to collect and recycle more than 1,000 tonnes of household batteries.

Consumer awareness and education programmes have also been developed, including the #BringBackHeavyMetal household battery recycling campaign which Ecosurety set up with positive behaviour change charity, Hubbub.

Financial donation commitment

Ecosurety’s new battery recycling collaboration with Cancer Research UK is the first where Ecosurety has committed to make a financial donation to the charity in return for batteries collected.

It is hoped that through a combination of prominent and easily accessible Cancer Research UK collection points, a strong social media campaign and a commitment to make a financial donation, customers will be motivated to recycle their batteries, benefitting cancer research and the planet.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Sue Nolan, procurement manager at Ecosurety said "We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Cancer Research UK as part of our ongoing commitment to increasing battery recycling numbers in the UK. Through this collaboration, we’re creating over 600 new battery collection points across the country, whilst simultaneously raising consumer awareness of the importance of household battery recycling."

"By taking used batteries to one of the collection points at a Cancer Research UK store, customers can help mitigate the environmental damage that batteries cause whilst helping to raise funds for a vitally important charity."

Josephine Mewett, head of retail operations at Cancer Research UK, said "Twenty-two million items were given another lease of life when purchased by our customers last year. As well as raising vital funds to beat cancer, we’re extremely proud of the role our stores play in driving more people to reuse and recycle."

"We’re delighted to have the expertise and support of Ecosurety to help us build on that work by making it easier for 600 communities across the UK to recycle their batteries and beat cancer at the same time."

A full list of Cancer Research UK battery recycling collection points are listed on recyclenow.com or alternatively can be found by visiting www.cancerresearchuk.org/get-involved/find-a-shop.

Tried and trusted collection services

Ecosurety battery collection services are tried and trusted with collection points in thousands of locations. We provide whole UK coverage with a quick turnaround, built on established operations and years of experience and we only work with regulatory accredited recycling organisations that meet our own in-house audit and assessment standards.

From a single collection point to a chain of UK-wide stores, to find out more about partnering with Ecosurety for battery collections please contact our team.

CRUK battery collections

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Written by Ben Luger Published 16/12/2020 Topics Batteries
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