Ecosurety wildlife pond officially opens as a haven for urban nature

Wildlife TV presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff today opened the new wildlife pond at Avon Wildlife Trust’s Feed Bristol site to celebrate the contribution of staff from Ecosurety.

Ecosurety has supported Avon Wildlife Trust throughout this year and helped to create a thriving new habitat for wildlife, and a natural haven for people to explore. As part of our change for good initiative, our staff worked hard over several weeks to clear the banks around the edges of the pond, planting them with hundreds of native plants and wildflowers grown from seed on the site. A wooden dipping platform was also constructed to allow children and community groups using the site for outdoor learning to get close to the teaming pond life.

Pond dipping platform 

Created through a great partnership

Ian Barrett, CEO of Avon Wildlife Trust commented “This pond is a vital new haven for wildlife here at Feed Bristol – and is the final stepping stone habitat around the perimeter of the site, giving animals including newts, frogs, hedgehogs and slow-worms a chance to move freely and safely through spaces that link together.”

“It’s been created through a great partnership with Ecosurety who have given time, energy and a huge commitment to protecting nature and wildlife here in Bristol, and have developed a strong relationship with our Feed Bristol project. They have shown a deep understanding of the need to create thriving places for nature in the heart of urban landscapes – and put that into action.”


Ecosurtey Feed Bristol pond opening


Abigail Warren, Key Account manager at Ecosurety and the project leader commented “Ecosurety is committed to creating positive change for the long-term when it comes to our local environment. Having contact with nature is so important for everybody, but particularly for communities inside cities, where green space is so precious.”

“Our staff have volunteered many hours at Feed Bristol and have reaped the satisfaction of knowing we have created something that will have long-lasting, positive benefits for the local environment and community. Companies that are able to give back should do so, and we try wherever possible to partner with organisations that share this outlook so that everybody benefits.”


Ecosurety and Avon Wildlife Trust CSR project opening


Connect with nature in a practical, hands-on way

Feed Bristol demonstrates how nature and wildlife can thrive despite the pressures of urban environments. The M32 runs nearby and the new Metrobus service will run on bus lanes neighbouring the site, just metres from the new pond. Developed from bare earth just five years ago, Feed Bristol now offers community groups, individual volunteers and company staff the chance to learn new skills and connect with nature in a practical, hands-on way.

This includes wildlife-friendly food growing, conservation work around the site, and tending plants in the wildflower nursery which now grows more than 200 varieties of native wildflowers from seeds collected from Avon Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves.

If you would like to get involved too, you can find out more about opportunities with your local Wildlife Trust by visiting www.wildlifetrusts.org.


Feed Bristol pond dipping platform built by Ecosurety


Ecosurety Avon Wildlife Trust pond opening celebration


wildflower plant Feed Bristol


Wildflower at Feed Bristol planted by Ecosurety


Ben Luger

Marketing projects specialist

Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2015 and helps drive marketing communications and projects for Ecosurety, including project managing the launch of the Ecosurety Exploration Fund and website content development.

Written by Ben Luger Published 18/07/2017 Topics Ecosurety

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