Four reasons why our graduate programme makes us top of the class

We are extremely proud of our graduate recruitment programme. It has gone from strength to strength following its launch three years ago and, to date, we have successfully appointed 14 graduates who have flourished at ecosurety.

We are extremely proud of our graduate recruitment programme.  It has gone from strength to strength following its launch three years ago and, to date, we have successfully appointed 14 graduates who have flourished at ecosurety.

megan“ecosurety has a great training programme which has provided me with vast amounts of new knowledge, skills and has given me a fantastic insight into the company from the word go.”  Megan Vandeloo, graduate compliance specialist

We really believe in nurturing fresh talent and we’ve certainly reaped the rewards with an engaged, switched-on and enthused workforce, but what makes what we do so special?

1.The right partnership

We all know that first impressions and experiences are extremely important.  That is why it is so important to us to ensure that all the graduates that attend our Graduate Assessment Centres go away feeling inspired and excited.

Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with a specialist recruitment company who have closely aligned values and culture. Their assessments centres are fun, interactive, challenging and capture the spirit of ecosurety. They give a great insight into our company and give existing ecosurety graduates a chance to get to tell their story and answer questions, that way candidates can be reassured they are hearing it from the horse’s mouth!

2.Rigorous recruitment

Actually selecting the right candidate can be a tricky business. That’s why we use a meticulous recruitment process to find the right “fit” for both the graduate and ecosurety. Our interviews are fun and informative. Candidates get to meet different members of the team, learn more about the role and the company and have an opportunity to question us.

Many candidates leave our interviews saying they have really enjoyed it and team members know when an interview is going on due to the laughter emanating from the meeting room!

3.Specialist induction and training programmes

Getting the induction process right is so important to us and to ensure we do our induction programmes are methodically designed around the individual, role and team that they will be joining. They are both interactive and in-depth thus enabling the on-boarding process to take flight from day one. Induction is just the beginning of our graduates’ learning and developmental journey.

Our tailored graduate training programmes consists of workshops, shadowing, mentoring, on-the-job learning, self-discovery, supporting all learning styles and personalities. Learning and development is core to our continual strive for excellence.

4.The sky’s the limit for our graduates...

More established team members nurture graduates through the training programme.  This enables the graduates to pull on experiences, perspectives and get a better understanding of what it looks like in practice supporting the transition from training to performing and delivering. We offer unlimited opportunities and personal development all driven by a passionate and engaged management team.

But don’t just take our word for it… Abigail joined the relationships team this summer after graduating from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts with a BSc in Environmental Studies:


“Starting in the graduate programme has provided a way for me to easily integrate into my first job out of university at a company that takes great time and effort to make sure we are happy, well trained and successful in our new positions.” 
Abigail Warren, graduate relationship specialist



 …and it’s not just the graduates that love working here:

Jim“I genuinely look forward to coming to work every day. The people are amazing, the company is inspiring and I have developed more both personally and professionally in the time I have been here than I have done anywhere else.” 
James Daniel, management accountant


Damian"Working at ecosurety is refreshing, exciting and challenging, with such a diverse clientele no two days are the same. Having a support team of over 50 colleagues there seems no challenge too big, with a team ethos of "Big enough to cope and small enough to care" being a key focus here at ecosurety with client satisfaction being at the company’s heart.” 
Damian Lambkin, head of projects

Interested in joining the team? Keep an eye on our jobs page for our next assessment centre.



Samantha Hardwell

HR Manager

Sam is HR manager for Ecosurety, putting her years of HR experience to great use! She graduated from Cardiff University in 2008 with a degree in business management with a particular focus in human resources.

Written by Samantha Hardwell Published 29/07/2015 Topics Ecosurety
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