Government release Waste Prevention Programme: Maximising Resources, Minimising Waste

The Waste Prevention Programme (WPP) for England is a cross-departmental plan that details the Government’s priorities in moving toward a circular economy, and progress against the Resources and Waste Strategy published in 2018.

Existing waste legislation requires the Government to review its programme at least every six years, and it was last done in 2013. The consultation concerning this update was published in 2021.

What is the plan?

The plan details three broad areas in which government will aim to prevent and improve management of waste. ‘Designing out waste’ will include eco-design and implementing Extended Producer Responsibility schemes, whereas ‘systems and services’ outlines policy that could encourage take-back services or encourage repair and reuse.

The final theme involves data and information, such as implementing product passports and voluntary corporate reporting.

Who will be impacted?

Seven sectors have been identified as needing action, in view of waste arising and carbon output - this includes the construction and textile industries, electronics and vehicles.

Some examples of proposals within the programme include:

  • To develop a textiles waste hierarchy by 2024 and provide robust guidance to businesses managing textile waste, and explore putting this hierarchy on a ‘firm statutory footing’. The plan also states it will consult on whether separate collection of reusable and recyclable textile waste should be implemented, and if this material should be banned from landfill.
  • To provide over £1m in funding in 2023 and 2024 to support consumer campaigns encouraging householders to reduce food waste
  • In relation to furniture and furnishings, termed ‘bulky waste’, the plan states government will encourage sharing of best practice on product design through industry schemes and voluntary agreements. They will also consider policy options such as Extended Producer Responsibility by 2027.

Read the full plan to find out more.

Louisa Goodfellow

Policy Manager

As Policy advisor Louisa provides key support to our team, including preparing reports on environmental policy issues and maintaining awareness of new developments. As such she will often be found coordinating responses to policy consultations, advocating policy positions and providing internal guidance to current legislation.

Written by Louisa Goodfellow Published 11/08/2023 Topics Sustainability
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