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We are well aware of the complexities of complying outside the UK, and we want to know your views so we can provide the training you really need.

Our regular programme of free training webinars covering packaging, WEEE and batteries compliance is well established (you can view the full list here), and we are always looking to improve our training provision.

Please take our short survey to tell us the countries or regions that matter to you. Whether you are selling to Europe or Asia, you can help shape our future training webinars that help make a complex subject a lot easier to understand.


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If you have any questions about your international compliance needs, please contact our team on 0845 094 2228 or email info@ecosurety.com.

Ben Luger

Marketing communication specialist

Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2015 to help drive the marketing communications for Ecosurety, working closely with all areas of the business to help spread the good word!

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Ben Luger

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