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So you have successfully met your ESOS requirement and you have a grip on your energy data, either through Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) or reports from your gas and electricity provider.

So you're all done, right? Absolutely not - because you haven’t even starting saving yet!

No matter what your experience of ESOS or energy data reporting, there will be changes that you can make to improve your energy usage for good returns. It’s vital however that you have the right support to implement the energy improvements in the correct order, with the right technology and the best leaders to bring change. Just consider the bottom line savings even a 10% improvement could bring to your company…

Our top three ESOS implementation tips

1. Review the return on investment

What is the return for the technological updates that will reduce your biggest energy consumption – be it lighting, process machinery, or fuel? Trimming the unnecessary fat can bring some quick wins that fit your businesses capital investment strategy. 

2. Contract your energy supply

Even if your energy consumption is difficult to cut back, then the provider of gas and electricity can easily be switched using our market appraisal system. It’s easy for us to discover what the best deals are and how you can switch when you wish - rather than when you have time.

3. Read the data reports

It may seem obvious, but the data and the information is in your hands, you simply need someone to help bring it to life. By elevating the profile of this information and sharing it with teams in the right way, you will probably find that managers and directors across the business each have their own take on what works, where energy is wasted and where improvements are needed to make positive change. Engaging small teams of energy champions in the right way can inspire behavioral change with very little cost outlay. By bringing ‘on the ground’ experience into the task, you can allow your best performing teams to stand out and lead best practice with their peers.


Energy management is a big topic and has equally big returns - by completing the basics of the ESOS requirement you have already done much of the work. We can work with you and your data to identify the best implementation measures from your energy audits, we can pick up your recommendations and project manage them through to completion and we can even bring in our own energy specialists to pick out the quick wins and returns that best suit your budgets – you have the information and the decision making, we can bring the knowledge and implementation.

To find out more speak with one of our account managers about your current situation and let us know your energy needs. If you are quick you still have time to take up our free energy audit which must be booked before the end of February 2016.

To check availability and book a meeting please contact info@ecosurety.com or call one of our ESOS account management team on 0845 094 2228.

Robbie Staniforth

Commercial manager

As commercial manager Robbie is responsible for ensuring that all Ecosurety members benefit from the best possible value for money and specialist expertise. Having previously worked as our relationship team manager it is fair to say that he fully understands our members interests and needs!

Written by
Robbie Staniforth
ESOS, Sustainability

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