Second year for the WEEE compliance fee

The Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) have announced on 1 February that the WEEE compliance fee will go ahead for a second year running.

Under the waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations 2013, Producer Compliance Schemes now have an option to pay a compliance fee, should they fail to meet their collection target to cover their obligation.

Joint Trade Association

This announcement follows a consultation where three proposals were considered to operate the compliance fee for the 2015 compliance period. The winning bid came from the Joint Trade Association, made up of AMDEA, BEAMA, BTHA, EEF, GAMBICA, LIA, PETMA, SEAMA and techUK.

It is the second time that the JTA have had successful bids for the operation of the compliance fee. Whilst similar to the sliding scale calculation mechanism used for 2014 (the further away from their scheme collection target, the more Producer Compliance Schemes pay to achieve compliance), there are further developments following the experience of previously running the mechanism.

Investment in Local Authority projects

James Champ, senior compliance specialist at ecosurety comments, “BIS has continued with their flexible approach to compliance within the WEEE sector. The £375,000 raised from the 2015 compliance fee has been distributed to Local Authorities (LA), via a bidding process in late 2015, for projects aimed at increasing the collection, re-use and recycling of waste electricals.

We are yet to find out what these winning projects were and their results, so it will be interesting to see what impacts the additional, targeted funding at LA level will have for increasing consumer awareness and participation in diverting waste electricals away from landfill.”

James Champ

Technical manager

James joined the compliance team in August 2012 and now holds the role of technical manager. He is responsible for managing all regulator requirements across packaging, WEEE and batteries compliance regulations, and for overseeing our WEEE and batteries collections. In particular, James takes an active interest in quality improvement both for clients' data methodologies and internally to improve business efficiency.

Written by James Champ Published 03/02/2016 Topics Compliance

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