Second round of Ecosurety Exploration Fund launches to accelerate waste-reduction innovation and research

The Fund offers up to £150k to individual projects tackling the negative impact of packaging, batteries or electronic waste on the environment.

Academic institutions, businesses, charities, not-for-profits and public sector organisations working to help the transition to a circular economy and identify solutions to the negative environmental impacts of packaging, batteries or electronic waste could secure up to £150,000 in funding through the launch today of the second round of the pioneering innovation fund.

The only research and innovation fund to be offered by a UK based producer compliance scheme, it builds on the success of the first round of the Exploration Fund launched in 2019, which received over 50 applications and went on to award four projects a total of £500k.

Enabling a shift to a more circular economy

The Ecosurety Exploration Fund welcomes applications from UK-based innovation and research projects working across the full lifecycle of packaging, batteries and electronics to reduce environmental impacts - from production, use and collection to end-of-life treatment and reuse.

Applications could therefore include technological innovations, awareness campaigns, processes and material development as well as research into system or behaviour change.

Commenting on the launch, Will Ghali, CEO of Ecosurety said "Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed a fantastic increase in awareness of the negative impacts that packaging, batteries and waste electronics have on the environment. However, financial support for projects seeking to innovate, rethink or redesign existing systems for the better is still in woefully short supply. Without funding, solutions simply can’t flourish."

"The launch of our second Ecosurety Exploration Fund will act as a vital springboard for original research and innovation projects tackling some of the most pressing issues caused by packaging, batteries and electronic waste. As we learnt in our first Exploration Fund, it is sometimes the simplest ideas that offer the biggest potential impact. Ecosurety encourages all eligible organisations to apply to the 2021 Exploration Fund. We very much look forward to reviewing the entries."

Previous winners of the fund

In December 2020, Ecosurety confirmed the winners of the first round of the Exploration Fund. Four innovation and research projects were selected by the independent judges for their originality, viability and potential long-term impact. The projects tackled a diverse range of issues including the low recyclability of post-consumer plastic film, the high level of electricals going to landfill, the low levels of recycling on urban housing estates and the need for innovative technological solutions for the lithium-ion battery recycling sector.

Simon Rathbone, Development Manager at Impact Solutions, one of the projects to be awarded finance through the first funding round said "Thanks to the Ecosurety Exploration Fund, Impact Solutions has been able to accelerate its CellMine project, exploring innovative new recycling processes which can be used to selectively recover rare earth metals found in lithium-ion batteries so they can be used again and again."

"The essential funding from Ecosurety has enabled us to employ new talent, to fast-track key research and - crucially - make vital progress towards creating a new, viable, low-cost and low-impact recycling process for lithium-ion batteries."

How to apply 

Applications to the Ecosurety Exploration Fund can be made via the Ecosurety website from today by clicking here, where full details on eligibility and how to apply can be found.

The deadline for submissions is 4.00pm GMT on 24 August 2021. Judging will take place in November 2021 and the winners will be announced in December 2021.

 The Ecosurety Exploration Fund

If you have any questions regarding the Ecosurety Exploration Fund, please contact us by emailing explorationfund@ecosurety.com or by calling 0333 4330 370.

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Written by Ben Luger Published 08/06/2021 Topics Ecosurety
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